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Dear Fox,

    I get why you cancelled Dollhouse, I do. It wasn’t financially viable, you can’t force people to watch, it was a complicated/difficult premise…we’ve been down this road before (*cough*FireflyWonderfallsDriveTheInsideAndyRichterControlstheUniverseTheTick*cough*). But please don’t confuse my understanding for forgiveness. You still suck.


Dear Joss Whedon,

     If I ever have a first born, it’s totally yours. Because you sir, are a frakken genius…as is the rest of your family appearently.

In other words: Spoilers under the cut.


Stop-Loss and The Attic )


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Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know I posted my fic master list today. You can find it here if you’re interested. I debated on digging through my old fanfiction.net account and adding links to my Gilmore Girls fics from yester-year, but then I decided that some things are probably best left where they are.

Some fic stats that are probably only interesting to me:

* I’ve written roughly 42 fics (including drabbles) in six fandoms since June. Umm…I clearly need to find a job soon.

*Fourteen either featured the illustrious Mr. Straume or Sawyer/Juliet.

*So far I’ve written Sayid with seven different Lost ladies.

* I’ve actually written Jack way more than I thought had; he’s featured prominently in at least five fics.

*Only one Being Human fic so far. I need to fix that.

In completely unrelated news: Pumpkin cake is maybe the greatest cake ever (discounting Red Velvet because nothing is better than Red Velvet) and this is coming from someone who is not a fan of pumpkin pie.

Oh and if you haven’t heard[info]demonqueen666 is holding a sweet drabblethon at her journal. Tonight is the last night to leave a prompt and Lost is woefully underrepresented so far, so head over there and get your prompt in by midnight.

And don’t forget Dollhouse airs tonight on Fox at 9:00 p.m. EST, Topher Brink will cry if you don’t watch.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

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Alright guys it’s that time of year again, you know that time when tiny Sci-Fi shows with minuscule, but passionate fan bases are in danger of being yanked off the air by evil business type folks who care about silly things like “ratings” and “money”.

Well logic be damned. They’ve taken too many of my shows already. Somewhere out there Bryan Fuller is weeping into a pie shaped pillow and that’s just not cool man. Tim Minear has apparently lost the will to create his own stuff and will probably open a souvenir shop in Niagara Falls any day now. And now they’re going after Joss. Again.

Dollhouse is not a great show. Yet. It’s not Buffy. It’s not Firefly. It’s not even Angel. It hasn’t completely found its footing, sometimes it stumbles around like a drunken collegiate at a frat party spouting half-cocked philosophical ideas in between Jello shots. That is to say it has big ideas, but sometimes it doesn’t execute them with what you would call elegance.

It frustrates me often. I spend large portions of most episodes imagining how much better the show would be if it was on HBO and they could actually explore the wrongness instead of sending Echo off to be a bodyguard/back-up dancer.

But (there’s always a but) sometimes it’s almost brilliant. “A Spy in the House of Love”, “Briar Rose”, the mythical “Man on the Street” episode…”Epitaph One”---this is the very best of Dollhouse. These episodes reveal a show that’s not afraid to ask the hard questions. It’s about human trafficking, it’s also about identity and humanity and responsibility. And sometimes it’s about inappropriate starches.

It also has one of the best casts on television (and yes I’m including Dushka in this because even when she fails, you know it’s not for lack of trying.) Fran Kranz needs to be on my television every week, preferably as Topher Brink. Olivia Williams’s Adelle Dewitt is the most impressive female character I’ve seen since Juliet Burke burnt her muffins. And if you haven’t seen what Enver Gjokaj can do yet, then my friends you are seriously missing out. Not to mention Alan Tudyk’s absolutely terrifyingly awesome turn as a raging sociopath.

What I’m saying is: this is not a perfect show. The big meanies in the expensive suits might have point this time. Dollhouse is not a misunderstood masterpiece, it’s a show with some serious narrative problems, it’s a show that doesn’t always know what it wants to be, it’s a show that may never be as good as the pedigree behind it, but it’s a complicated, thought-provoking, well-acted, well-written show with a truly original idea at its core. I would like to believe that in a world where Lost is about to go off the air leaving us with a network television landscape riddled with shows about doctors, lawyers, and various law enforcement agents that something this unique can still survive because I’m afraid the alternative looks a lot like The Jay Leno Show.

So I’m asking you this: watch the show one time. If you don’t like it, that’s cool, but give it a shot. Tell someone about it. “Hey man, I heard about this wacky new show on Fox…” I’m not asking anybody to write any letters because…well, I’m not going to write any letters. The thing is I’m tired of seeing creative programming cancelled or worse watered down because nobody’s watching. It sucks.

So I’m asking you to help. Even if you don’t care about this show, I know you’ve cared about a show like this before. It’s an old story and damnit I want a happy ending this time.

And come on, who doesn’t like to stick it to the man?

(Besides Joss Whedon would make a terrible fry cook. Let’s keep the man employed.)

More info about what you can do to help can be found here:

Blank Dolls

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Sci-Fi shows give me thoughts.

I’m not cutting my Eastwick thoughts because it’s not that kind of show. It was bad, clichéd, and almost offensive…but I will be watching every episode until it’s mercifully cancelled because Paul Gross is a god. He managed to be both wet and shirtless in the first episode. It was amazing. And he’s playing the devil! How am I supposed to resist that?

I just wish the ladies on the show didn’t bore me to tears. Why are they all so dull? And why is Sara Rue not a lead? She’s Sara Rue, she’s got more cool in her pinkie finger than those other three have all put together. I’m going to need her to make out with Paul Gross soon please.

Oh and it’s filmed on the old Gilmore Girls set which is deeply distracting. I keep wondering why there are witches in Stars Hollow now and why Lorelai hasn’t shown up to pawn the Faux Lorelai Rebecca Romijin is attempting to play.

Okay now on to shows that are you know...actually good.

Flashforward 1x01 )


Fringe 2x02 )


Dollhouse 2x01 )

Fic Recs

9/9/09 05:38 pm
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I have fics to rec! Five for Lost and one each for Being Human and Dollhouse. I’m going to try to make this a regular thing ala[info]mollivanders and [info]zelda_zee because I feel like I should share the love, you know? We’ll see if I can keep it up.

Lost, Being Human, and Dollhouse Recs )

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 I upgraded to a paid account and then spent an insane amount of time collecting icons last night. The result is I now have seventy-five billion icons saved. I thought for sure fandom would fail me in my search for a Doctor/River Song icon because I’m pretty sure that I’m one of like five people who actually ships them, but I managed to find several without having to do much searching.

Dollhouse fandom on the other hand failed me pretty epically. Um, hi where are all of the Topher icons hiding? I know fans of the show for the most part consider him the devil himself, but those of us who like our geniuses snarky and slightly amoral need icons too. I finally found a couple that I liked after a good hour of surfing through dozens of Echo and Ballard icons, but come on fandom, where is the Topher love?

Actually while we’re on the subject of Dollhouse and Topher, why in the name of all that is good and Whedony are there so many people shipping Topher/Saunders? Admittedly, I’ve been largely watching the show in my own private bubble, but I feel as if I’m missing something. It must be coming from that one scene in the finale, but I didn’t read that as Topher has a secret crush on her. I read that as a manifestation of the guilt over what he has done to her and the others (and what he is still doing to them  everyday.)

I mean there’s nothing wrong with shipping Topher/Saunders, it’s just personally I don’t see where it’s coming from. I don’t actually ship Topher with anyone, but I would love to see a well thought out, intricate fic detailing the friendship between Adelle/Topher because that’s my absolute favorite relationship on the show. I’m not sure what that says about me as a person.

Moving on, I have not forgotten about my promise of Sayid het. It is coming, but I have unfortunately been sidelined by a case of the dreaded Blahs. I just haven’t been in the writing mood the past couple of days. I think seeing all of these school supplies in the stores is getting me down. I love buying binders and paper clips and new folders, but for the first time ever…I have no reason to.

And then it hits me that I’m never going to school again which is kind of terrifying because I’m good at school (well, not math, but who needs that anyway?) I have yet to see any proof that I’m good at anything else. Every time I pass a shelf of notebook paper it’s like a reminder that "Hey, you know you’re a college graduate, missy, why are you not successful and awesome yet?" And then I want to go silently weep into a stack of multi-colored post-it notes.

Sigh. Um, so this post took a turn down a very depressing alley…

Anyway, hopefully my bad mood will pass and I can get back to making Sayid fall in love with all of the Lost ladies. I watched “Enter 77” under the guise of research yesterday and was reduced to a giggling mess when I heard Sayid tell Kate to, “get some rope.” Which is exactly what Sawyer says to Juliet at the end of “Some Like it Hoth”. See, this is why it pays to rewatch Lost. And as much as I love Sawyer, the prospect of Sayid + Rope is much more appealing to me. Mmm, Sayid…



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