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Dance with Dragons. That's pretty much it. And I think one lovely family member has already purchased it for me, so I'm all set. ;)
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1. I got up this morning with every intention to spend the day writing when real life decided that today would be better spent doing everything else instead. Sigh. I have charts and outlines! I do not want to deal with practical matters like shopping and occupying family members who really ought to be able to occupy themselves.

2. Seriously though, I’m going to try not to be too spammy this week, but I’m tackling the last billion luau requests so I apologize in advance if you guys get inundated with ficlets. There are a couple that I’m actually kind of excited about. I’m going to be sad to see the luau end. It’s been a lot of fun to have an opportunity to write so many different characters and pairings. I mean if someone would have told me I would write Jack/Sawyer a month ago…well, there would have been some giggling on my end, but you know it was actually not that hard (of course it was only a drabble.)

3. I watched Julie & Julia this weekend. I mostly enjoyed it although I could have done without some of the Hollywoodization of Julie’s story. Spoilers for the movie and the Julie Powell book under the cut.

Julie & Julia )


Being Human 1x03 )

5. This post is reaching epic levels of longness, but I have a question to pose to you guys. Has anyone read anything good lately? I’m in the middle of a serious book drought and I’m in need of some recommendations. I’ll read pretty much anything, fiction, non-fiction---it really doesn’t matter. I just really want to read something.


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