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My Favorite Episode:

credit: forsakenwitchery

1x11 “Missing”

“Missing” was basically The Killing’s version of a bottle episode. It was a welcome break from the Rosie Larson drama that doubled as a crash course in “why Sarah Linden is both awesome and kind of screwed up.” Her son goes missing and she and Holder spend one rainy day driving around Seattle looking for him and talking about pork rinds and their personal lives and it is basically the greatest thing that happened to me all of last season. It made me yearn for a show where Sarah and Holder just drove around and chatted all of the time.

It’s a terrific character piece for both Sarah and Holder and their burgeoning partnership. Sarah is more vulnerable in “Missing” than she is in any other ep and her fear for jack is so raw that at times it became squirm in my seat unbearable, but I couldn’t look away. I love when we get to see Sarah the cop and Sarah the mother converge and we see her operating on both wavelengths at once here: she knows the streets, she knows what kind of danger is out there even more than your average non-detective parent does. This is the first ep where we (and Holder) get to see Sarah let her guard down and it’s amazing and painful to watch. I came out of “Missing” feeling like I knew who Sarah was and what made her tick in a way the previous ten outings hadn’t conveyed.


All Their Thinkers, All Their Ghosts by [livejournal.com profile] lowriseflare

The Sarah characterization in this is so spot on it blows my mind.

Icons by [livejournal.com profile] x_holdfasthope

I commend this awesome person for making The Killing icons. There’s a lovely one of Sarah on her own and some nice partner icons as well.


These ladies make/reblog gorgeous graphics for The Killing and since Sarah is the show, there’s plenty of gorgeous picspams and such featuring her. Speaking of pretty Tumblr graphics, this one is both gorgeous and the perfect summation of Sarah’s character.
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The Last Con, PG-13, 163 words, pre-series )

I gakked this idea off [livejournal.com profile] mollivanders. Each song either corresponds with my personal head canon for Evi or with a moment from the show. Youtube vids under the cut.

Evi Crocker: A Mini-Mix )
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10 Reasons Why I Love Evi

1. She’s a rogue. A lady rogue and honestly, most guys that get described as rogues don’t do it for me, but you give me a con-artist lady smuggler and my eyes turn into hearts every time.

2. She banters!

3. She’s loyal to the people she loves; we may not know the particulars of why she was working for The Rev, but we do know that she did everything she did for Duke.

4. She’s fearless. This is a lady who happily breaks into cop cars and demands answers from snipers.

5. As [livejournal.com profile] entwashian pointed out she was totally doing shots with Nathan at bar.

6. Evi knows what she wants and she goes after it whether it’s a man or potential buried treasure.

7. Her gorgeous, gorgeous hair.

8. Because she’s got an edge to her. She’s a tad bit morally ambiguous, and more than willing to cross lines. She fills the Bela Talbot shaped hole in my heart quite nicely.

9. She throws Duke off balance. He’s not so cool around her, she challenges him and she’s playful with them and the easy dynamic between them makes me happy in ways that I can’t even express.

10. Because if Evi were a real person and she knew how many fangirls disliked her, I have no doubt she’d laugh her ass off.
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Remember to leave the artist feedback...or thumbs up it if you're afraid of Youtube comment sections like I am.
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I signed up for Sarah Linden less because of what fandom thinks of her (because really, The Killing doesn’t have anything resembling a real fandom…there are five us and we meet in a broom closet every week to eat stale donuts and discuss when Linden and Holder will make out who killed Rosie Larsen), and more for how the mainstream media approaches her. Go Google “Sarah Linden worst”, I’ll wait. I’m planning on talking about the general suckiness of the media when it comes to this show/Sarah in more depth throughout the week, but I want to start out by addressing this “brilliant” bit of journalistic deduction from a recent Jezebel article:

"Sarah Linden, didn't bring any of the internal drama to the table that we get with our troubled patriarchs (or even their complicated female friends). It didn't help matters when the show tried to raise the stakes for Sarah by making her a workaholic with a whining son and fiancé; audiences have long grown weary of stories portraying women as incapable of having a work life when home life calls, especially when said women have teenage children who can feed themselves."

She's a complex lady, sweetheart. )
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credit: devilyouknow

“She’s wildly private. She just doesn’t like people to know what’s going on inside of her. Because so much of what she does is done in silence, what you hear of Sarah is her smarts and her toughness. But what’s going on underneath is more complicated.”
---Mireille Enos on Sarah
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“The material I’ve been given to do on the show as Evi has been really dreamy. It’s the type of stuff I always hope for as an actress, especially being a woman of color and someone my age. It’s sort of Indiana Jones-ish as far as treasure hunting, finding out information and kicking butt. I also get to play different roles because Evi is a con artist.”

---Vinessa Antoine on Evi


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