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This is less a review of the finale as it as a collection of rambling thoughts on season two as a whole. This is what I get for failing to do weekly recap posts. Please excuse the word vomit beneath the cut. And I have conflicting feelings on Damon, so fair warning there. By conflicting, I mean even I’m not sure what I’m feeling, but it’s something along the lines of I like you, but I hate the things you do. It’s very confusing and if I think about it too hard it gives me a headache.

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12/11/09 11:22 am
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There are so many awesome fics over at the xover_exchange and I plan on reccing lots of them later, but I had to bump this one up the list:

Wolves in the Black
by [livejournal.com profile] dhark_charlotte

Fandoms: Being Human, Firefly, and a bit of Buffy

Mal strode in as George finished, nostrils flared wide as he breathed in the heavenly scent of fresh pancakes.

“George, my man, if those taste as good as they smell, I just might keep you regardless of your flying skills.”

George turned to face Reynolds. “Are you complimenting my cooking or disparaging my flying?”

The Captain rubbed at his face. “This time of morning, pre-coffee is the wrong time to ask for a coherent answer. If you have any brewed, I will sign your employment papers right now.”

George smirked and set a mug on the table at his place. “Now I know you’re full of shit. I answered your ad precisely because you don’t file employment documents.”

“When in the employ of Malcolm Reynolds, a lack of official employment records is usually the best way to operate.”

You guys this is the fic that was written for me over at the crossover exchange and it is AMAZING. George, my adorable little werewolf, becomes Serenity’s new pilot. I just…there are no words. This fic is so layered, the history so well thought it…it seriously feels completely plausible. But what I love most about it is the way it takes the theme of the chosen family that’s so prevalent on all three of these shows and applies it to this scenario with George being accepted into the fold.

All of the interactions between George and the crew are pitch perfect, both funny and sad. I lost count of how many times I got weepy.

To top it off: she included an Oz cameo. And it totally worked. My werewolf loving heart nearly exploded with glee. I’m way too spazzy to do it justice right now, but trust me it’s epic. Even if you only know one of the fandoms, give it a shot because even without context I’m pretty sure this would still be an amazing read.
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So I got up this morning, checked my email and received a nice little comment on my Charlie/Oz piece from a girl who liked the story, but didn’t know who Oz was. Me being a crazy Oz fan went off to find a link to show her his awesomeness and wound up at the Buffy wiki. I intended to copy the link and head back over to LJ to share when I decided to skim it and see what the article says…biggest mistake I’ve made so far today.

What follows is a rant of epic proportions that includes spoilers for the farce that is Buffy Season Eight: The Comics I Have to Go Burn Now Much As Tim Did When He Broke Up With George Lucas in That One Episode of Spaced. Ahem. It also includes me being slightly irrational. I recognize this fact and have decided I’m okay with it.

Buffy Season Eight Spoilers and Me Being Irrational )

Sorry about that. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to weep silently in the corner for awhile.

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1. I got up this morning with every intention to spend the day writing when real life decided that today would be better spent doing everything else instead. Sigh. I have charts and outlines! I do not want to deal with practical matters like shopping and occupying family members who really ought to be able to occupy themselves.

2. Seriously though, I’m going to try not to be too spammy this week, but I’m tackling the last billion luau requests so I apologize in advance if you guys get inundated with ficlets. There are a couple that I’m actually kind of excited about. I’m going to be sad to see the luau end. It’s been a lot of fun to have an opportunity to write so many different characters and pairings. I mean if someone would have told me I would write Jack/Sawyer a month ago…well, there would have been some giggling on my end, but you know it was actually not that hard (of course it was only a drabble.)

3. I watched Julie & Julia this weekend. I mostly enjoyed it although I could have done without some of the Hollywoodization of Julie’s story. Spoilers for the movie and the Julie Powell book under the cut.

Julie & Julia )


Being Human 1x03 )

5. This post is reaching epic levels of longness, but I have a question to pose to you guys. Has anyone read anything good lately? I’m in the middle of a serious book drought and I’m in need of some recommendations. I’ll read pretty much anything, fiction, non-fiction---it really doesn’t matter. I just really want to read something.

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This show is my new happy place, there’s just no way around it. :D And I have icons now! Spoilers under the cut.

Being Human Episode Two Spoilers )
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Okay, we need to talk Being Human. This show is giving me serious feelings. Seriously, epic feelings. I just...guh, I love it. I mean technically I've only seen two episodes (the pilot and the other pilot---thank you youtube!), but it has eaten my brain. I need to be working on Lost fic, but all I want to do is write a thousand George/Mitchell fics, which is inconvenient because I'm not even familiar with canon yet.

And what is up with that anyway? I rarely ever fall for slash pairings this quickly, but all I want right now is to read a billion stories about the boys cuddling and watching TV in their house and just generally being adorable. And possibly angsting because there's some serious potential for really good angst with that pairing. If anyone has any recs, they would be muchly appreciated. :)

Spoilery stuff about the original pilot under the cut. Is it considered canon? I didn't see much in the way of contradictions.

Being Human--The Original Pilot )
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So I read (this Newsweek article) this morning and was completely baffled. Am I the only person who doesn’t think vampires are particularly sexy? I know they’re very in at the moment, but man I just don’t get it. I like vampires in popular culture sure, but I’ve never fantasized about dating one. I adore BTVS , but I never had a thing for Angel or Spike. I recognized that Spike in particular was hot like burning, but I kept going back to he’s a vampire. How would that even work?

Maybe it’s because I’ve never been a night owl. I’m seriously like an old person; I rarely stay up past midnight. How can I date you if you’re only awake while I’m sleeping? Also, they drink blood. Blood. Um, no thank you. Add the lack of a heartbeat and the fact that most of them are centuries old, and you know I just don’t think we would have much in common.

I think the closest I’ve ever come to a vampire crush was back in high school when I went through an Anne Rice faze. I loved Louis, a lot. (I hated Lestat by the way, good grief was that guy insufferable, “I’m awesome, I’m a rock star, people tremble at the sight of my rock hard, snowy abs!” OMG, shut up already.) But the thing about Louis was he hated what he had become, he yearned for humanity but he couldn’t have it. That was kind of hot. Maybe I just like guys who indulge in a bit of self-loathing?

No, I’m just not that into vampires. I’ve always been more of a werewolf girl, myself. I’ll take Oz and Remus over Angel and sparkly people from Twilight any day of the week. At least you only have to deal with their issues once (or three times) a month. Buy them a sturdy cage and you’re golden. Plus, they have heightened senses and they always have a healthy dose of self-loathing. They’re just cooler. I wish the rest of the world agreed with me because there is a serious lack of werewolves in pop culture lately.

Oh, and while I haven’t watched True Blood, I have read the first book in the series. I spent most of it giggling at the absurdity of Bill and shrugging at Eric and his supposed awesomeness. The only character I genuinely liked? Sam. He’s not a werewolf, but he’s a shape shifter which is almost as good. Sookie of course, was too busy flailing over her epic love for the undead guy with a hair fetish to notice him.

I watched the fist episode of the Torchwood mini series last night. Spoilers under the cut.

TW: Children of Earth-Day One )

(Please don't spoil me for anything coming up in the next four episodes, I'm watching them as they air on BBCAmerica.)




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