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the shoreline where you and I meet by [livejournal.com profile] angeldylan628

So I left a random Flashforward prompt at the wish meme, figuring no one would pick it up because I’m pretty sure there were only five people watching that show and the chances of any of them wanting to write my random OT3 were small at best. But then angeldylan628 did and it’s brilliant. She gets Janis, Demetri, and Simon. She gets that weird chemistry that existed between them, the friendship, the way they were kind of begrudgingly accepting Simon into their life.

And it’s on the road fic, you guys. GUH. It’s them moving from place to place, staying one step ahead of Weddeck, running into Mark…and the ending pretty much turned my heart into goo. It’s truly an amazing fic, beautifully written and thoughtful in a way the show never dared to be.

Instead, he goes out and buys a map at the gas station across the way, exactly like the one her parents had taped to the RV window, the one they carried everywhere they went. He spreads it out on their bed, and they spend hours tracing the state lines and highways with their fingers, ignoring the way it feels when the lines cross and their fingers touch.

They play it casual well.

Except Simon's a genius and nothing gets by him. Simon watches them plan, silent but observant. As the days roll on, he's becoming more and more aware of changing tides.
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I’ve been trying very hard to stay away from LJ until I finish my stupid fic, I even resisted posting about what was IMO the best Lost episode since “The Constant”. Yes, I think it was maybe even better than “La Fleur” which you all know I love more than air, but it was Des. And it was epic. And I’ve already watched it twice. I have theories! But that’s for later. I also have top 5 lists, but that’s also for later cause I want to scrounge up videos/pics to illustrate my answers.

Right now I have an interactive shipping meme which sounds like a fun way to distract myself during writing breaks. (Also? I think I just broke up with Flashforward. Did you guys see that insanity? WTH was that?)

Anyway, meme stolen from [livejournal.com profile] arathesane:

Pick 15 of your ships and write down a quote for each of them. Have your flist guess the ships without using Google / imdb.

* Most of these are ridiculously easy, but for the record there are two movie and one book ship mixed in.

1. Why do you love me?/Because you’re a good man. In my experience they’re pretty hard to come by.---Des/Penny, Lost guessed by [livejournal.com profile] hopelessfangirl

2. I was told once that the best way to regenerate body heat is to crawl naked into a sleeping bag with somebody else who was already naked./ Maybe if it rains sleeping bags, you'll get lucky.---Mulder/Scully, XF guessed by [livejournal.com profile] cantbesilent

3. Life just isn't like the movies is it? We're constantly led to believe in resolution in the establishment of the ideal status quo, and it's just not true. Happy endings are a myth. Designed to make us feel better about the fact that life is just a thankless struggle. Do you wanna dance?/ You know what? I think I do.---Tim/Daisy, Spaced (Not guessed)

4. You’ll be fine./Maybe, but who’s going to get my back?---Sawyer/Juliet, Lost guessed by [livejournal.com profile] aurilly

5. She told me to hold onto that horoscope, put it in my wallet, and carry it around with me. One day, it would bring me luck./ Well man, I will say anything for a cup of coffee! Um, I can't believe you kept this. You kept this in your wallet? You kept this in your wallet.../ Eight years.---Luke/Loralei, GG guessed by [livejournal.com profile] missy_useless

6. And will you forgive me for believing you were the spy?/ Of course. Shall we kill him together?---Sirius/Remus, HP guessed by [livejournal.com profile] cut_thestring

7. Boy, I really do fall for dumb ones. You know how you're always trying to save, oh, every single person in the world? Did it ever occur to you that you are one of them?/ No, it never did./ Well, you made the list gorgeous. And you needed some help.---Cordy/Angel, ATS guessed by [livejournal.com profile] greedyslayer

8. Some of what we order depends on if we're having sex after. Woah! Elephant in the room! Are we, do you think? Do you think we're going to have sex tonight?/ Hell yeah.---Michael/Holly, The Office by [livejournal.com profile] hopelessfangirl

9. And I'm not going to pine. I hope you didn't think I was going to pine, okay? I think. . .I think I may have loved you, but I just need to let it go.---Jess/Rory, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] missy_useless

10. Well, I do believe the little woman cares./ I don't care! It's just that I'm used to you, that's all.---Nick/Nora, The Thin Man guessed by [livejournal.com profile] cantbesilent

11. This is what I do know: I miss you. Like, every second. Almost like I lost an arm, or worse, a torso. So, I think I'd be willing to... give it a shot./ Really?/ Yeah./ Do you want us to... to hug now?/ Yeah, I'm good for that.---Willow/Oz, BTVS guessed by [livejournal.com profile] hopelessfangirl

12. Time can be rewritten./ Not those times. Not one line. Don't you dare! It's OK. It's OK. It's not over for you. You'll see me again. You've got all of that to come. You and me, time and space. You watch us run.---Ten/River Song, DW guessed by [livejournal.com profile] arathesane

13. Don't ever, ever, ever, ask me to do anything like that, ever again!/ I don't have anyone but you.---Tony/Pepper, Iron Man (not guessed)

14. What? Did you think I would show you mercy? Or rage? Three years by my side. I’d think you know me better than that.---Adelle/Dominic, DH guessed by [livejournal.com profile] blackmamba_esq

15. If I say no, you’ll never talk to me again./If you say no I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to hire you.----Don/Peggy, MM guessed by [livejournal.com profile] aurilly

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The fact that it’s Thursday and I haven’t watched the NBC comedies feels wrong, but it was Flashforward (or as I will from hence forth be referring to it The Simon Campos Show) night so they’ll just have to wait until this weekend.

During the hiatus I asked myself how much I really cared about this show. I mean the writing is mostly cringe-worthy, there’s lots of scifi mumbo jumbo, the characters despite the best efforts of an incredibly talented ensemble are pretty thinly drawn and it’s a show that clearly wishes it was Lost, but most certainly never will be.

It’s fun and I do care about the characters even though I don’t feel as if I really know them. But the real reason I will watch this show for as long as ABC lets me is Dominic Monaghan. I love that man. And yes 50% of that love comes from the fact that he was Charlie Pace and I will never not love Charlie Pace more than every other character on Lost combined with the exception of Juliet. But the other 50% is genuine affection for Dominic Monaghan as an actor.

And he is acting the hell out of this. Now join me under the cut for some serious capslocking.

Flashforward "Revelation Zero" )
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1. My sweet drabblethon fic is officially done and I’m officially afraid it’s horrible.

2. Flash Forward, I’m beginning to sense a pattern with your story-telling, it goes something like this: creepy opening, nothing happens, nothing happens, redundant flashback sequence, nothing happens, nothing happens, creepy/WTF ending and cue credits. That being said, I have thoughts:

Flash Forward 1x04 The Black Swan )

3. I think I’ve broken up with Glee. I haven’t watched it in two weeks and I don’t feel terribly guilty about it. I love Will and Emma and Rachel, but the dueling pregnancies storyline left an awful taste in my mouth. It was just so soap operatic and it kind of took all of the fun out of the show for me. Maybe I’ll try again later in the season, but at the moment I’m having far too much fun watching Modern Family to go back.

4. I’m going to start working on my crossover exchange fic this weekend! I’m so excited you guys. My prompt rocks.

5. I want to write Halloween fic or possibly just read some. I’m in the mood for something spooky. Anyone got any good ghost stories?

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Sci-Fi shows give me thoughts.

I’m not cutting my Eastwick thoughts because it’s not that kind of show. It was bad, clichéd, and almost offensive…but I will be watching every episode until it’s mercifully cancelled because Paul Gross is a god. He managed to be both wet and shirtless in the first episode. It was amazing. And he’s playing the devil! How am I supposed to resist that?

I just wish the ladies on the show didn’t bore me to tears. Why are they all so dull? And why is Sara Rue not a lead? She’s Sara Rue, she’s got more cool in her pinkie finger than those other three have all put together. I’m going to need her to make out with Paul Gross soon please.

Oh and it’s filmed on the old Gilmore Girls set which is deeply distracting. I keep wondering why there are witches in Stars Hollow now and why Lorelai hasn’t shown up to pawn the Faux Lorelai Rebecca Romijin is attempting to play.

Okay now on to shows that are you know...actually good.

Flashforward 1x01 )


Fringe 2x02 )


Dollhouse 2x01 )


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