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10 Reasons Why I Love Evi

1. She’s a rogue. A lady rogue and honestly, most guys that get described as rogues don’t do it for me, but you give me a con-artist lady smuggler and my eyes turn into hearts every time.

2. She banters!

3. She’s loyal to the people she loves; we may not know the particulars of why she was working for The Rev, but we do know that she did everything she did for Duke.

4. She’s fearless. This is a lady who happily breaks into cop cars and demands answers from snipers.

5. As [livejournal.com profile] entwashian pointed out she was totally doing shots with Nathan at bar.

6. Evi knows what she wants and she goes after it whether it’s a man or potential buried treasure.

7. Her gorgeous, gorgeous hair.

8. Because she’s got an edge to her. She’s a tad bit morally ambiguous, and more than willing to cross lines. She fills the Bela Talbot shaped hole in my heart quite nicely.

9. She throws Duke off balance. He’s not so cool around her, she challenges him and she’s playful with them and the easy dynamic between them makes me happy in ways that I can’t even express.

10. Because if Evi were a real person and she knew how many fangirls disliked her, I have no doubt she’d laugh her ass off.
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Can I just say it was ridiculously hard to narrow all of the awesome in season three down to 25 moments? Let’s bear in mind that I had already used a bunch of clips (like the aloe scene and the cabin and “We have to go back!”) in previous lists and they were therefore disqualified by my own weird set of rules and it was still impossible to keep it at 25.

This season I just…I can’t even begin to explain how much I love it. This was the year when the media was like, Lost what is happening to you? And I was like it is being awesome that’s what’s happening, shut up media! The facts are these: this season introduced Juliet Burke (who would have completely dominated this list had she not had her own). This season had a beautiful, moving Charlie plot that was respectful both to the character and to my intelligence as a viewer (unlike some seasons *cough* season 2 *cough*). This season had New Otherton, creepy cabins, Anthony Cooper, a delightful meta/Twilight Zone episode and freaking “Flashes Before Your Eyes”. It had Nathan Fillion! Come on, what else could we possibly ask for?

Full disclosure: this list is super biased. Like more so than usual. You are going to read the names Charlie, Juliet, Des, and Hurley many, many times. I think I temporarily forgot Jin/Sun existed. They’ll be back tomorrow.

Clips (many, many clips) under the cut.

My 25 (yeah, right) Favorite Season Three Moments

If you had any idea what this place was you wouldn't be putting chicken in your refrigerator. )
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In my long and illustrious history with Lost no other season has so thoroughly tried my patience as much as season two did (not even season six.) Between the wonky characterizations, the back-burnering of my favorite characters, and the never-ending push the button debates I was a very mopey fangirl that year. Still despite my frustrations, I found a lot to love as well, namely one Mr. Desmond David Hume.

This list is heavy on mythology moments, tailies (well Eko and Ana), and Desmond. It was a rough year for the original castaways, it’s a good thing we had a hot Scotsman and a dude with a Jesus stick to keep us occupied. Clips and rambling under the cut.

My 25 Favorite Moments From Season Two

Because all we really need to survive is one person who truly loves us. )
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Before we get started, here’s a roundup of my previous Lost lists. I’m trying to keep myself from repeating moments so if you see a big scene missing I’m not crazy, I probably just included it on another list. Unless I just didn’t like it. I have weird taste in scenes sometimes. As always, these lists are incredibly biased towards characters I love, I’m about as fair and balanced as Fox news, what can I say?

16 Times Lost Made My Heart Melt into a Puddle of Goo
15 “Holy Polar Bear, Batman! Did That Actually Just Happen?” Lost Moments
8 Criminally Underrated Episodes of Lost
16 Completely Inconsequential Lost Scenes That Make Me Ridiculously Happy
15 Times Juliet Burke Was Cooler Than You and Me and Everyone We Know

Originally, I planned to post one epic list of all of my favorite Lost moments. It was a good plan aside from the part where I fail at making choices. So rather than have things dissolve into a Sophie’s (Jacob’s?) Choice scenario I decided to devote each day of this week to a different season. I capped myself at 25 moments each…but I’m a dirty, rotten cheater when I have to be.

We begin with season one. The one Lost season that’s pretty much universally beloved. Before hatches, hippies, bombs, and morality detectors---Lost was just a kickass show about a bunch of people surviving on a vaguely weird island. It also had the distinction of looking like nothing else that had ever been on network television before.

I still have vivid memories of watching Jack wake up in the jungle for the first time. Television wasn’t supposed to be that cinematic, complicated, or aggressively bizarre---until Lost changed the rules. Now I’ll admit I’m not quite as nostalgic for the “good old days” as some Lost fans, but there’s no way around it, season one was one hell of an epic year of television.

Lots of clips/links under the cut.

My 25-ish Favorite Moments From Lost Season One.

But I've looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw... was beautiful. )
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Here’s the first batch of top fives. I jumped around a lot, but that’s just because I’m random. More to come later.

For [livejournal.com profile] mollivanders:

Top 5 favorite fannish moments where your fandom referenced another fandom. Only one Psych reference allowed.

my fandoms reference things )

For [livejournal.com profile] arathesane:

Top 5 couples that should have been but never were cannon
maybe we were never meant to be together )

Top 5 favorite individual uses of music on tv shows
*Massive Life on Mars spoiler right up front guys so click with caution.

we need tunes )

For [livejournal.com profile] cantbesilent:

top 5 reasons it would be really upsetting if chuck didn't come back next season

Chuck vs. NBC )

Top 5 tv episodes that make you happy when skies are gray (any fandom)
there've been a lot of frogs, man )

Top 5 characters you wish were real and possibly your friend
i heart nerds )

For [livejournal.com profile] foreverdreaming

Top 5 shipper moments of all time (all fandoms, ever).

would you just stand still? )

Top 5 "omg wtf are you doing to my ship??" moments of all time
my whole life I've never loved anything else )

For [livejournal.com profile] hopelessfangirl & [livejournal.com profile] bold_seer

Top 5 Female SPN Characters
Girls, FTW! )

Top 5 SPN eps
Ben Edlund is my master now )

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You know how people warn you not to visit the tv tropes site unless you have a day and a half to kill? Listen to them for they are very wise souls.

Good grief, I went in search of one thing (that I never found) and ended up reading through all of the Lost tropes and LMAO. I love Lost. I know I say that a lot, but it’s a true fact. I love that crazy, silly, beautiful show so much. And apparently I also love tv tropes.
This one in particular caught my eye: Crowning Moment of Awesome.

After reading that I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to come up with my personal Crowning Moment of Awesome for each of the Losties. Because it’s after midnight and this is what I do with my free time. These are my personal favorite moments, but now I’m curious. What are your favorite "OMG I will love you forever" character moments? It doesn’t have to be for the Losties. You guys know I watch everything.

*List includes season six spoilers. Just FYI.

I shot a bear. )

Alright it's your turn. Hit me with some awesome.
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I wasn’t going to do a list of romantic moments…I honestly didn’t think I could come up with fifteen. But then I thought about it…and thought about it some more and managed to come up with sixteen scenes that made me cry/wibble/aww/and squee like a love-struck fangirl.

At the end of the day, romance on Lost that doesn’t involve Des/Penny or Sawyer/Juliet has rarely worked for me. I think I’ve said this before but my all time favorite “relationship” is the friendship between Charlie and Hurley. Still, there have been moments when I’ve been charmed by pretty much every major couple on the show. While I’m admitting up front that this list is far more biased than any of the others, every corner of the quadrangle is represented at least once. So, there’s that. Clips/links provided…and can I just say how much easier it is to find shippy moments? Youtube is for lovers I guess.

16 Times Lost Made My Cynical Heart Melt into a Puddle of Romantic Goo

All we truly need to survive is one person who loves us. )
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I was planning on posting a list of the most romantic Lost scenes today, but I grew frustrated trying to come up with more than eight that I really loved so I tossed that notion out the window and decided to go for something our show has no shortage of---WTF just happened moments?

Nobody and I mean nobody, does twists like Lost. I’ve honestly never seen a gutsier show. There are only two things one needs to remember when watching Lost:

1. Anything can and will happen…seriously, weirdness is a fact of life on craphole island.
2. No one is safe. You are going to love these people and they are going to die in ever increasingly horrific and creative ways. That’s just how it goes.

These are the 15 moments that most thoroughly blew my mind. Clips/links provided.
*A/N 1: I know there’s at least one moment not on this list that most definitely should be…but I’m saving it for my final list which will go up tomorrow or Tues. So just know I haven’t lost my mind, it’s coming…
*A/N 2: OMG TWO DAYS!!! Ahem.

15 “Holy Polar Bear, Batman! Did That Actually Just Happen?” Lost Moments

You didn't hear about the polar bear? )
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Alright guys, I’ll be back to posting scene lists tomorrow, but today I have to ask you to forgive me for taking a little detour and being incredibly wordy. Um…sorry about that in advance.

There are certain episodes of Lost that I feel are inarguably great: “Walkabout”, “The Constant”, “The Man Behind the Curtain”, “Through the Looking Glass”---they’re classics plain and simple. But for every classic there’s a little episode that has either been forgotten or ignored or in some cases just plain detested.

Weirdly, some of these episodes are actually among my favorites. I chose these eight episodes in particular because of their ambition or because they reveal something interesting about the characters. They’re not perfect, most of them are deeply flawed and in some cases I think the concept was far better than the execution with the exception of the first one which is pure brilliance.

And no, “Stranger in a Strange Land” is not on this list. Sorry Darlton, even I can’t defend that one.


8 Criminally Underrated Episodes of Lost

"I wish..." )


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In the past couple of years, Lost has become a big picture kind of show. It moves faster now, the plotting is tighter, and there’s a real sense of urgency in nearly every episode. And I don’t have a problem with that, in many ways I think it makes the series better. Jacob knows, I don’t miss sub-plots about missing wedding rings and Sawyer squishing harmless tree frogs.

But at the same time that meandering in the early seasons gave us some wonderful little character moments. Were they terribly important in the grand scheme of things? Not really, but they added a sense of warmth and humanity to the show that set it apart from pretty much every other show on television. And they were certainly entertaining to watch. Here’s sixteen of my favorite moments (mostly from s1-3, but a few from the later seasons snuck in there too). I warn you some of these suckers are mighty random. Clips included when I could find them…apparently Youtube users don’t share my love for b-plots and throwaway scenes.

16 Completely Inconsequential Lost Scenes That Make Me Ridiculously Happy

Dudes listen. Our lives suck! )
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Alright guys, I’m unofficially declaring it Lost week at my journal. Which is my way of giving myself an excuse to post arbitrary lists in order to keep my premiere excitement/anxiety/angst at bay until next Tuesday. Originally I was going to post a list of my 50 favorite Lost moments and call it a day but that list got way out of hand. Instead I’m opting for random themed lists. Because that’s how I roll.

I’m kicking things off with a list of my favorite kickass Juliet moments. Fear not people suffering from quadrangle fatigue, I’m saving all shippy moments (or moments I consider shippy) for another list. This is just pure, unadulterated Juliet love. I included clips when I could find them on that scary labyrinth that is youtube.

Top 15 Times Juliet Burke Was Cooler Than You and Me and Everyone We Know

I'm a repo woman. )


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