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7/8/10 12:16 pm
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So I was all prepared to be like Emmy’s you are invalid because they shut out Community (Outrage!) and Justified (Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins don’t need your love Emmy voters!) and my beloved Lauren Graham (She’s on NBC now, damnit!) but then something miraculous and beautiful happened and all was forgiven:


That squeal of delight you heard echoing throughout the land was me dying from happiness. I may have shed a tear. Shut up. Don’t judge, you know Elizabeth Mitchell owns me. She is magnificent and they threw her down a well and smashed my heart. But now Darlton can suck it because she is an Emmy nominee(I’m not even going to point out how she should have been nominated---and won---in seasons three and five, I’m just going to be grateful that the Emmy voters were like: Damn that five minutes of television was kickass.) If she wins I will lose every ounce of composure I’ve ever possessed.

MY GIRL, YOU GUYS. I’m so happy I can’t even say.
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Can I just say it was ridiculously hard to narrow all of the awesome in season three down to 25 moments? Let’s bear in mind that I had already used a bunch of clips (like the aloe scene and the cabin and “We have to go back!”) in previous lists and they were therefore disqualified by my own weird set of rules and it was still impossible to keep it at 25.

This season I just…I can’t even begin to explain how much I love it. This was the year when the media was like, Lost what is happening to you? And I was like it is being awesome that’s what’s happening, shut up media! The facts are these: this season introduced Juliet Burke (who would have completely dominated this list had she not had her own). This season had a beautiful, moving Charlie plot that was respectful both to the character and to my intelligence as a viewer (unlike some seasons *cough* season 2 *cough*). This season had New Otherton, creepy cabins, Anthony Cooper, a delightful meta/Twilight Zone episode and freaking “Flashes Before Your Eyes”. It had Nathan Fillion! Come on, what else could we possibly ask for?

Full disclosure: this list is super biased. Like more so than usual. You are going to read the names Charlie, Juliet, Des, and Hurley many, many times. I think I temporarily forgot Jin/Sun existed. They’ll be back tomorrow.

Clips (many, many clips) under the cut.

My 25 (yeah, right) Favorite Season Three Moments

If you had any idea what this place was you wouldn't be putting chicken in your refrigerator. )
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I’ve been mulling what my fannish life will look like in a post-Lost world. This mulling usually leads to wailing and eating too much chocolate. But no more. I know where I’m going after I find out what the freaking island is, after I get my coffee date, after I see Charlie Pace one more time (that’s going to happen, right?), after everybody leaves their keys on the table…wait, wrong show, whatever after it ends you can find me at Greendale College.

I have seen the promise land my friends and it looks like Joel McHale. Join me under the cut for a mature discussion about how Community is the greatest show in the history of the world and how if you’re not watching it I feel bad for you because there is a hole in your fannish heart and you don’t even know about it. But mostly for spoilers for tonight’s ep.

Community! )

Also there was an Office baby. I appreciate The Office's commitment to realism, but the thing is if you tell people the truth about what it’s like to have a baby no one is ever going to do it. This episode kind of scarred me for life. Spoilers under the cut. 

The Office may have triggered an existential crisis. )

Finally, I’ve realized two things:

1) Dean and Scully are going to end up going head to head. In other words, shit just got real. This is personal now. I swear if he beats Scully I will flounce off the freaking internet. I will not live in a world that chooses Dean Winchester over Dana Scully. Hell, if there was no Dana Scully there wouldn’t be a Dean Winchester.

2) It’s very likely that Juliet Burke and Loralei Gilmore will have to face off. I can not vote in that race. It’s like the universe is conspiring against me. I won’t choose. You can’t make me.

Why am I taking this so seriously? I’m going to have an ulcer before this all over with.

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Oh God, how am I already going crazy over this? Oh right because fandom is already making bad choices. Listen universe when you are asked to choose between voting for a panty sniffing bad poetry writing attempted rapist and Buffy freaking Summers you vote Buffy. How hard is that? Or you vote Cordy. Or Fred. Or Willow. Or Dawnie. Or if you must vote penis, vote Oz or Charles Gunn or Xander Harris or Rupert Giles or anyone who is not a panty sniffing bad poetry writing attempted rapist. Damn it Spike, you are not winning this.

Also? Barney Stinson. Seriously? Seriously? He picked up a girl right in front of his ex the day after they broke up. He used her to pick someone else up. This is not cute. This is not adorable behavior. This is asshatery. This is gross. This is wrong. Don’t vote for this guy. There are four other people on this show who are actually legen-yes I’m using his own catchphrase against him-dary. A vote for them is a vote against an immature douche bag. A vote for them will save a puppy. A vote for them might very well save the world. Do it.

And finally: Sawyer is winning by one vote. Sawyer is not undeserving, he’s a good guy. Hell, I like him. But Sawyer doesn’t want you to vote for him. When you vote for him you ruin his street cred. He doesn’t like to be liked, he doesn’t respond well to it (see faked kidnapping/gun snatching plotline that went nowhere).

Sawyer wants you to vote for Juliet. The woman he loved, the woman that made him a real boy. He wants you to vote for the woman who always had his back. Who detonated an H-bomb because she thought it would get him home. The woman who faced the smoke monster and didn’t blink. Who will make you sandwiches with toothpicks. The woman who eats ice-cream after sex and will perform an emergency appendectomy to save your life. The woman who listens to “Downtown” and reads Stephen King novels and speaks Latin and is made of awesomeness and rainbows.

The woman who made him happy.

Remember that fandom. A vote for Juliet will knock that emo-frown right off Sawyer’s face. And I know you all want him to be happy, right?

Oh and in the SPN race, vote Bela. Just because.

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March Madness starts tomorrow! This is me being excited. Lost fans get ready to vote, we are always crazy underrepresented. The prelims open tomorrow and I’m personally pulling for Juliet, but I will happily support whatever Lostie makes it through to the next round. (And yes this is probably all I’m going to talk about for the next two weeks, but you guys this is serious business.)
*returns to writing*

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Alright guys, I’m unofficially declaring it Lost week at my journal. Which is my way of giving myself an excuse to post arbitrary lists in order to keep my premiere excitement/anxiety/angst at bay until next Tuesday. Originally I was going to post a list of my 50 favorite Lost moments and call it a day but that list got way out of hand. Instead I’m opting for random themed lists. Because that’s how I roll.

I’m kicking things off with a list of my favorite kickass Juliet moments. Fear not people suffering from quadrangle fatigue, I’m saving all shippy moments (or moments I consider shippy) for another list. This is just pure, unadulterated Juliet love. I included clips when I could find them on that scary labyrinth that is youtube.

Top 15 Times Juliet Burke Was Cooler Than You and Me and Everyone We Know

I'm a repo woman. )
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Home Team 2009 Vote!

So I just found out someone is hosting a proper awesome ladies challenge as opposed to that crapfest that was floating around a few weeks ago wherein a dude won the HBIC poll. I don’t care if he’s gay, fandom. Does he have a penis? Then he’s still a dude. Sheesh.

Anyway, I did not care about this twenty-four hours ago, but now I have serious feelings about who should win. River Tam is currently being beaten by Miss Piggy. We need to stop this flist. She’s River Tam. She can kill you with her brain. She took down a whole slew of Reavers single handedly. She’s the coolest mind-reading, ship flying, ass-kicking seventeen year old in the verse. She needs to beat the puppet.

Also, Laura Roslin is getting beaten by M. I just…she’s Laura Roslin! Is there anyone cooler than her? If you don’t vote Laura she will put your ass out the airlock.

I’m already beating myself up for failing to discover this in time to save Juliet Burke. Not to mention Dana Scully, Kara Thrace, Anya, Anne Shirley, and Donna fricken Noble. So many awesome ladies, so little time.

Seriously though check it out. There’s also a fic challenge going on. I think[profile] cidercupcakes deserves some serious props for putting this together. I love seeing the ladies get some love for a change. So go, vote, pimp and remember if you don’t vote for River, the Alliance wins.

Back to writing now.


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