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I hope everyone had an awesome holiday yesterday. Mine…was a thing. More on that later, for now I want to talk about all of my fic presents which are amazing and deserve to be adored by the universe at large. First of all, I was totally spoiled at [community profile] yuletide this year with not one, but four awesome fics and ficlets. Then I also had lovely gift fics from my flist and from the crossover exchange and Lost HoHoHo. It's an embarrassment of riches, I kid you not.

Just Another Saturday Night (Ben & Tom, P&R)

“Dude, do you even live here?” he asked. “Or do you just rent this room to watch Game of Thrones?”

“Well, actually, the free HBO is the reason I picked this hotel instead of something closer - What are you even doing here?

Tom and Ben buddy fic with lovely, giggle-inducing dialogue and My Little Pony references. I could easily see every bit of this happening on the show, that’s how awesome this fic is.

A Little Awesome Life Planning (Ben & Tom, Ben/Leslie, P&R)

Tom spins around in his chair and opens up Farmville and Pimpville. Whatever, Ben can just be boring and non-depressed and Tom doesn’t have to care about it or worry for his well-being and lack of bro cred or anything.

Ben accidentally causes Tom to have a drunken existential crisis. Waffles ensue. It kills me how flawless Tom is in this. His voice is so dead-on it’s almost unreal. Plus, Leslie’s there! GUH, it’s wonderful. Go read it! :D

Vows (Schmidt/Gretchen, New Girl)

He ends up in the coat closet with Gretchen, a musty scarf tied tightly around his head, covering his eyes.

To be fair, she was wearing a dress this time, since it's summer.

Gretchen and Schmidt’s wedding hook-up greatest hits. Funny and sharp and so perfectly them I almost couldn’t deal with the awesome.

Seventh or Eighth Verse Same as the First (Henry/Casey, Party Down)

It wasn’t that he was rejected, or that he was terrible, it was that he wasn’t a match, or that they were idiots. Most of the time, it was that they were idiots, incredible, self-absorbed assholes. He felt comfortable now with that assumption.

Post-series, Henry indulges in a good luck ritual with Casey. Sweet, with just the right punch of realism that makes Henry/Casey and Party Down so much fun.

the record you used to play (Hurley & Sayid, Lost)

“Well, back in high school when one of my friends was really down because his dog died, we took him on a road trip. It was my mom’s idea. It’s like, the all-American cure for the blues.”

Sayid’s brow wrinkles in confusion. “But Charlie is English.”

“Yeah, and we’re on an island with no roads. So we gotta improvise. That’s why I’m thinking we should go on a camping trip.”

This is the Lost fic of dreams. It’s like a magnificent lost episode that fell behind Darlton’s (no, scratch that, this would definitely be a Kitsis & Horwitz ep, which is to say bittersweet and fun) desk. Camping, friendship, mythology—everything I love and so much more. I’ve already read it five times in three days.

all you have to do is call my name by [personal profile] dollsome(Schmidt/Cece, New Girl)

“Oh!” he says, jumping up and spilling a few drops of tea on some exposed thigh. “Gyahhhhh-that-burns! Uh. I mean. Lady Cecilia. Damn, girl. What up. You caught me. Hectic work week, you know. Rockin’ this weekend, Rebecca Black style! Partyin’, partyin’. Got my Tazo, got my ‘mono, got my Stars Hollow shenanigans. Ballin’.”

New Girl + Gilmore Girls x Cece/Schmidt adorableness = AMAZINGNESS.

Reach Out by [personal profile] norgbelulah (Tim/Raylan, Justified)

Tim’s hand comes around the back of Raylan’s neck before he even gets a glimpse of the boy out of the corner of his eye. He’s just there, a solid presence at Raylan’s back, then right next to him, looking fondly into his eyes and Raylan can barely think of why he would be touching him like that.

An AU where Tim is Raylan’s partner in Miami. In other words, my favorite universe of all the universes. This fic creates such a complete world and it’s so fully realized I never wanted it to end.

Surprise Visit by [profile] gottalovev (Miles/Bela, Lost/SPN)

What are you doing here," he asks, leaning against the doorway to his living room, arms crossed across his chest defensively. There's nothing in there that Bela hasn't stolen already, but it's the principle of things.

Sometimes I wish I could just hire [profile] gottalovev to write Miles/Bela for me full time.
She always paints such a vivid picture of the places where their lives could have intersected and she just gets both of the characters in a way that I envy. So perfect.

Crash Course in Interplanetary Diplomacy by [personal profile] shinealightonme (Abed, Troy, Annie, Claudia, and Myka, Community/Warehouse 13)

"A strange, unexplained light in the night sky...the next day, a stranger shows up with no identity, an individualistic cowboy attitude, no memory of her past – "

"No memory?"

"I'm extrapolating a little. But it's way too much convenient to be just a coincidence."

This fic…I don’t even know what to say. If these shows ever had a crossover episode, this would be the result right down to the spot-on dialogue and the inadvertent time travelling. I love every single thing about this story. Every. Single. Thing.
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My Favorite Episode:

credit: forsakenwitchery

1x11 “Missing”

“Missing” was basically The Killing’s version of a bottle episode. It was a welcome break from the Rosie Larson drama that doubled as a crash course in “why Sarah Linden is both awesome and kind of screwed up.” Her son goes missing and she and Holder spend one rainy day driving around Seattle looking for him and talking about pork rinds and their personal lives and it is basically the greatest thing that happened to me all of last season. It made me yearn for a show where Sarah and Holder just drove around and chatted all of the time.

It’s a terrific character piece for both Sarah and Holder and their burgeoning partnership. Sarah is more vulnerable in “Missing” than she is in any other ep and her fear for jack is so raw that at times it became squirm in my seat unbearable, but I couldn’t look away. I love when we get to see Sarah the cop and Sarah the mother converge and we see her operating on both wavelengths at once here: she knows the streets, she knows what kind of danger is out there even more than your average non-detective parent does. This is the first ep where we (and Holder) get to see Sarah let her guard down and it’s amazing and painful to watch. I came out of “Missing” feeling like I knew who Sarah was and what made her tick in a way the previous ten outings hadn’t conveyed.


All Their Thinkers, All Their Ghosts by [livejournal.com profile] lowriseflare

The Sarah characterization in this is so spot on it blows my mind.

Icons by [livejournal.com profile] x_holdfasthope

I commend this awesome person for making The Killing icons. There’s a lovely one of Sarah on her own and some nice partner icons as well.


These ladies make/reblog gorgeous graphics for The Killing and since Sarah is the show, there’s plenty of gorgeous picspams and such featuring her. Speaking of pretty Tumblr graphics, this one is both gorgeous and the perfect summation of Sarah’s character.
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Feeling depressed by the utter lack of an apocalypse today? Never fear, [livejournal.com profile] apocalyptothon is now accepting fandom nominations for this year's exchange, so while we may have to keep muddling through without any zombies or raptures of our own, we can still end the world for our favorite characters. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

(I'm so psyched for this exchange. I've been wanting to participate since I got into fandom, but this is the first year I've caught it before sign ups closed. It looks like so much fun. Apocalypse fic >>>> everything else.)
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The wonderful [livejournal.com profile] pann_cake is hosting an OT3 ficathon at her journal. All fandoms welcome, so go forth and prompt. <3
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Okay, I feel bad picking and choosing Ben/Leslie fics to rec because I read roughly 95 this afternoon and they were all adorable. How is this fandom even real? Everything should not be this delightful and IC. Anyway, these made me extra giddy:

All Roads Lead to You by [livejournal.com profile] cypanache
When Leslie Knope is seven she protests the lack of female representation in the town Fourth of July Pageant (because Lady Liberty does not properly represent the true contribution of women to the development of the nation). Everyone smiles and pats her on the head and offers to let her play Betsy Ross (which is of course only moderately better).

She comes as Susan B. Anthony, gives a three minute improvised speech on her contribution to women’s suffrage and gets a half-hearted round of applause.

If you read nothing else on this list, read this one. It will make your life 100% better. I’m skeptical about “OMG, we are so destined” scenarios where the characters are connected without even knowing it, but canon has pretty much already said Leslie was aware of Ben before he showed up in Pawnee and this fic takes that notion and turns it into a romantic, realistic, freaking mesmerizing story. I was seat dancing by the time I reached the end of this sucker. Beautifully written and plotted…just PERFECT. Yeah, I used capslock. It’s that level of awesome.

And I think I like How the Day Sounds by [livejournal.com profile] cypanache
She murmurs again dropping her head, then in the hairpin turn of logic of the truly drunk, she looks back up, “Is this a thing?”

“I’m sorry?”

“This. Is this a thing you and Chris do to, I don’t know, pass the time? You go from town to town seducing women with your good looks and ridiculous positivity and health nut ways, and then ride off into the sunset like . . . accountant Casanovas.”

Same author as above. Completely different tone. Ann shows up drunk at Ben’s door to confuse him and give him relationship advice. Hilarity ensues.

a diamond and a tether by [livejournal.com profile] shornt
Which Ben knows is a horrible reason to fire someone, but the numbers support him, and Ben remembers why he likes numbers in the first place. They're solid proof; you can argue an opinion, but you can't argue an equation. Two plus two is four every time.

It's dependable, though really, it's boring. And Ben wishes he were taking a risk, something he couldn't solve with a calculator, somewhere downstate where the sun felt a little warmer and his head felt a little lighter.

Fluffy goodness in which Ben pines for Leslie and Leslie pines for Ben.

Contrast by [livejournal.com profile] nuclearfootball
The second time he wears that shirt, she’s begun taking note of all his shirts; and most of them seem to have a theme: stripes that punch you in the face. But that shirt in particular -- for some reason that shirt she starts watching for. She’s amazed that the first time he wore it wasn’t a horrible accident.

I love Ben and his plaid/striped shirt collection, okay? I possibly love his windbreaker even more, but whatever, his clothes are adorable, so a fic where Leslie comes over to my way of thinking was bound to charm me. Short, sweet, and it’s a Leslie POV. Those are rare, like unicorns.

The Dictionary According to Ben Wyatt by [livejournal.com profile] swayinisdancin
map, n.
She gives him a going-away present: a historical map of Pawnee and a note that reads “In case you need to find your way back.”

The style of this one is so inspired. It’s a lovely peek inside Ben’s head and I love the way the author uses the dictionary motif to play around with the timeline.

E (is for everything I could have been) by [livejournal.com profile] roulettedarling
He takes on a responsible job as an auditor, and tries his best to make peace with the discovery that the world’s hopeful idealists are not its heroes, but its misguided idiots.

He’s better off. He understands How Things Work. He frowns a lot.

A really sharp Ben POV makes this fic stand out. The ending was a little heavy, but there’s an A+++++ kissing scene, which I value above all other things in fic.

I Can Be Bad by [livejournal.com profile] sweetiegrrl2346
"You really think I've never done anything bad? Ever?"

She smiles at him knowingly. "Come on, Ben. You're just like me. You've known since you were little that you wanted to end up in the White House, so you never did anything that would get you in trouble. The worst thing you've ever done was get too drunk that one night and accidentally touch Donna's boob."

Established relationship fic in which Leslie and Ben discuss Dexheart’s sleaziness and almost have sex on Jerry’s desk. Clearly this is a thing that needs to happen in canon.

I’ve recced these before, but in case you missed them candy sprinkles, twirly slides, and a side of optimism, please and psycho are pretty darn wonderful too. And on the off chance that someone hasn’t read The Art of Looking For Trouble yet, I’ll throw it in too. But, you’ve all read that one already, right? If not, you should probably examine your life choices. ;)


12/27/10 01:07 pm
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I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! Mine was good. (She says vaguely.) We had a small one this year, but there was lots of awesome food and plenty of family time. I’ll post about all that later though because right now, I’m knee-deep in yuletide fics. There’s so many amazing fics this year, I feel like taking a hiatus from real life and just sitting here and reading them all while I eat those delicious Snickers Nutcracker Men “Santa” left in my stocking. That would be bad, right?

I have recs! (I’m sure there will be (lots) more later. I still have a ton of HoHoHo fics to read too…)

Yuletide Recs: So Weird, Being Human, Terriers, 30 Rock, Community, Black Books, Lawrence of Arabia, and All Along the Watchtower )
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the shoreline where you and I meet by [livejournal.com profile] angeldylan628

So I left a random Flashforward prompt at the wish meme, figuring no one would pick it up because I’m pretty sure there were only five people watching that show and the chances of any of them wanting to write my random OT3 were small at best. But then angeldylan628 did and it’s brilliant. She gets Janis, Demetri, and Simon. She gets that weird chemistry that existed between them, the friendship, the way they were kind of begrudgingly accepting Simon into their life.

And it’s on the road fic, you guys. GUH. It’s them moving from place to place, staying one step ahead of Weddeck, running into Mark…and the ending pretty much turned my heart into goo. It’s truly an amazing fic, beautifully written and thoughtful in a way the show never dared to be.

Instead, he goes out and buys a map at the gas station across the way, exactly like the one her parents had taped to the RV window, the one they carried everywhere they went. He spreads it out on their bed, and they spend hours tracing the state lines and highways with their fingers, ignoring the way it feels when the lines cross and their fingers touch.

They play it casual well.

Except Simon's a genius and nothing gets by him. Simon watches them plan, silent but observant. As the days roll on, he's becoming more and more aware of changing tides.


3/29/10 11:15 am
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Our satellite died. Like went toes up, no hope, we’re sorry there’s nothing more we can do died. There were some tears, but then my dad said we can get a DVR when the nice technician man comes and I got over it. He’s not coming until tomorrow though which makes me twitchy cause I can not miss Lost. In the history of everything, I’ve only failed to watch two eps in real time (“Every Man For Himself” because of a friend’s personal emergency and “The Other Woman” because I pulled an all-nighter the night before writing a fifteen page paper and even Juliet Burke couldn’t keep me from falling asleep.)
The upside to no TV? I caught up on my fic reading (well, some of it anyway.)


show me the side streets in your life by [livejournal.com profile] cereal
It’s a choose your own pairing story. Let me just let that sink in. You can either pick Jeff/Britta or Jeff/Annie, but I recommend having your cake and eating it too because they’re both crazy good.

they write books about this sort of thing by [livejournal.com profile] wellthatdepends
Abed and Annie buddy fic, that’s really about Little Annie Adderall realizing she has people now.

nothing to say but the things i knew by [livejournal.com profile] cereal
A few things you will find in this fic: Jeff and Britta pretending to be married, forced to share a bed, and getting drunk at a Bible group meeting. And the best Britta voice ever. Go read it now, you can thank me later.


sonata by [livejournal.com profile] valhalla37
If this isn’t exactly how Lost ends I’m just going to forget Darlton and call this canon because it is perfect.

An Engagement by [livejournal.com profile] weatheredlaw
This is a Ben/Ilana fic. Don’t judge me. I never thought I would want to read about Ben having sex either, but then this happened and it gave me feelings. Shut up. It’s all weatheredlaw’s fault for making it seem so appealing.

Oh Sister, Oh Sister Let’s Walk the Seashore by [livejournal.com profile] slybrunette
Gorgeous, achy, scary Jack/Claire fic that is so good it quite literally took my breath away.

Shot You Down by [livejournal.com profile] toestastegood
Dan/Charlotte hurt/comfort fic with an absolutely perfect Charlotte voice.

Immortal Beloved by [livejournal.com profile] tokenblkgirl
A stunning, introspective Richard ficlet set during "Ab Aeterno".


In The Time That We Have by [livejournal.com profile] dollsome
Dominic brings Adelle tea during a visit to Safe Haven. It’s a beautiful, quiet fic that reminded me all over again why I’m ticked Joss didn’t give us a little Dom action in the finale.

Modern Family & Parks and Rec

it’s the whole damned world turned inside out, alright by [livejournal.com profile] wellthatdepends
Stop what you’re doing and go read this fic. I don’t care if you’ve only seen one episode of Parks and Rec. I’ve only seen four. It doesn’t matter. There are zombies and Leslie Knope and it’s frakking brilliant, that’s all you need to know.

Promising Light by [livejournal.com profile] dollsome
Post-ep for “Truth be Told” that absolutely nails the tone of the show. Lovely and sweet and may leave you in an unbearably good mood for the rest of the day.


My dear friend [livejournal.com profile] mollivanders recently defaulted from the Shawn/Juliet camp and started writing amazing Gus/Juliet fics. Both of these are insanely good and her Gus voice does funny things to my heart. Go read them and then join me in pestering her to write more.

she’ll come back around
a little place called zihuatanejo


12/11/09 11:22 am
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There are so many awesome fics over at the xover_exchange and I plan on reccing lots of them later, but I had to bump this one up the list:

Wolves in the Black
by [livejournal.com profile] dhark_charlotte

Fandoms: Being Human, Firefly, and a bit of Buffy

Mal strode in as George finished, nostrils flared wide as he breathed in the heavenly scent of fresh pancakes.

“George, my man, if those taste as good as they smell, I just might keep you regardless of your flying skills.”

George turned to face Reynolds. “Are you complimenting my cooking or disparaging my flying?”

The Captain rubbed at his face. “This time of morning, pre-coffee is the wrong time to ask for a coherent answer. If you have any brewed, I will sign your employment papers right now.”

George smirked and set a mug on the table at his place. “Now I know you’re full of shit. I answered your ad precisely because you don’t file employment documents.”

“When in the employ of Malcolm Reynolds, a lack of official employment records is usually the best way to operate.”

You guys this is the fic that was written for me over at the crossover exchange and it is AMAZING. George, my adorable little werewolf, becomes Serenity’s new pilot. I just…there are no words. This fic is so layered, the history so well thought it…it seriously feels completely plausible. But what I love most about it is the way it takes the theme of the chosen family that’s so prevalent on all three of these shows and applies it to this scenario with George being accepted into the fold.

All of the interactions between George and the crew are pitch perfect, both funny and sad. I lost count of how many times I got weepy.

To top it off: she included an Oz cameo. And it totally worked. My werewolf loving heart nearly exploded with glee. I’m way too spazzy to do it justice right now, but trust me it’s epic. Even if you only know one of the fandoms, give it a shot because even without context I’m pretty sure this would still be an amazing read.


11/5/09 03:32 pm
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Clearly I fail at regular reccing, but better late that never right? Recs for Lost, The Office, Firefly, The Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls, and Iron Man under the cut.

multi-fandom recs )

Quick Fic Rec

10/1/09 07:02 pm
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I have an embarrassing amount of recs saved up for you guys, but I don’t have the time (or patience) to format a post tonight, however I’m skipping this fic to the top of the queue because it’s insanely good and I want everyone to go read it.

By now I think I’ve made it clear that Sawyer/Juliet is pretty much the only Lost ship I have and I love it dearly. Sadly while there’s a lot of S/J fic out there, there’s not a lot of S/J fic that I actually want to read, but this…I wish all S/J fics were just like this because it’s perfect. Sweet but not saccharine, dark without becoming overly angsty. The best part though is the writing, it’s beautiful and lyrical and will take your breath away if you let it. (If you can't tell I’m a little bit in love with this fic.)

The Lightening Strike by [info]angela_weber

Our castle, he said last night, not quite drunk. Princess. She doesn't remember who said I love you first. His hand sweeps lower, brushing against her mark, her brand. His fingers feel like the press of phantom metal, long-extinguished fires searing into her skin.


 So go, read, leave feedback.

Fic Recs

9/9/09 05:38 pm
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I have fics to rec! Five for Lost and one each for Being Human and Dollhouse. I’m going to try to make this a regular thing ala[info]mollivanders and [info]zelda_zee because I feel like I should share the love, you know? We’ll see if I can keep it up.

Lost, Being Human, and Dollhouse Recs )

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Remember how I was in a bad mood yesterday? Well I have found that the best antidote to the blahs is a healthy dose of OTP love. So under the cut you will find two Sawyer/Juliet fic recs and a vid rec . May the pretty blonde people make you as happy as they make me.

Sawyer/Juliet Recs of Awesome )

Fic Rec!

7/26/09 02:39 pm
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You guys [livejournal.com profile] mollivanders wrote me fic for my birthday. That in itself would have been cool enough, but it's not just any fic it's awesome season three Juliet fic! I've wanted to see Juliet taking care of Walt fic since I watched the mobisode where it was obvious whatever he was doing in room 23 was freaking her the hell out. This fic explores that in a way that is creepy and awesome and totally plausible. Plus she added in a lovely smidgen of my OTP at the end. It's so awesome you guys need to read it.

(she denies, she believes, she doubts absolutely) by [personal profile] mollivanders


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