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Okay, I feel bad picking and choosing Ben/Leslie fics to rec because I read roughly 95 this afternoon and they were all adorable. How is this fandom even real? Everything should not be this delightful and IC. Anyway, these made me extra giddy:

All Roads Lead to You by [livejournal.com profile] cypanache
When Leslie Knope is seven she protests the lack of female representation in the town Fourth of July Pageant (because Lady Liberty does not properly represent the true contribution of women to the development of the nation). Everyone smiles and pats her on the head and offers to let her play Betsy Ross (which is of course only moderately better).

She comes as Susan B. Anthony, gives a three minute improvised speech on her contribution to women’s suffrage and gets a half-hearted round of applause.

If you read nothing else on this list, read this one. It will make your life 100% better. I’m skeptical about “OMG, we are so destined” scenarios where the characters are connected without even knowing it, but canon has pretty much already said Leslie was aware of Ben before he showed up in Pawnee and this fic takes that notion and turns it into a romantic, realistic, freaking mesmerizing story. I was seat dancing by the time I reached the end of this sucker. Beautifully written and plotted…just PERFECT. Yeah, I used capslock. It’s that level of awesome.

And I think I like How the Day Sounds by [livejournal.com profile] cypanache
She murmurs again dropping her head, then in the hairpin turn of logic of the truly drunk, she looks back up, “Is this a thing?”

“I’m sorry?”

“This. Is this a thing you and Chris do to, I don’t know, pass the time? You go from town to town seducing women with your good looks and ridiculous positivity and health nut ways, and then ride off into the sunset like . . . accountant Casanovas.”

Same author as above. Completely different tone. Ann shows up drunk at Ben’s door to confuse him and give him relationship advice. Hilarity ensues.

a diamond and a tether by [livejournal.com profile] shornt
Which Ben knows is a horrible reason to fire someone, but the numbers support him, and Ben remembers why he likes numbers in the first place. They're solid proof; you can argue an opinion, but you can't argue an equation. Two plus two is four every time.

It's dependable, though really, it's boring. And Ben wishes he were taking a risk, something he couldn't solve with a calculator, somewhere downstate where the sun felt a little warmer and his head felt a little lighter.

Fluffy goodness in which Ben pines for Leslie and Leslie pines for Ben.

Contrast by [livejournal.com profile] nuclearfootball
The second time he wears that shirt, she’s begun taking note of all his shirts; and most of them seem to have a theme: stripes that punch you in the face. But that shirt in particular -- for some reason that shirt she starts watching for. She’s amazed that the first time he wore it wasn’t a horrible accident.

I love Ben and his plaid/striped shirt collection, okay? I possibly love his windbreaker even more, but whatever, his clothes are adorable, so a fic where Leslie comes over to my way of thinking was bound to charm me. Short, sweet, and it’s a Leslie POV. Those are rare, like unicorns.

The Dictionary According to Ben Wyatt by [livejournal.com profile] swayinisdancin
map, n.
She gives him a going-away present: a historical map of Pawnee and a note that reads “In case you need to find your way back.”

The style of this one is so inspired. It’s a lovely peek inside Ben’s head and I love the way the author uses the dictionary motif to play around with the timeline.

E (is for everything I could have been) by [livejournal.com profile] roulettedarling
He takes on a responsible job as an auditor, and tries his best to make peace with the discovery that the world’s hopeful idealists are not its heroes, but its misguided idiots.

He’s better off. He understands How Things Work. He frowns a lot.

A really sharp Ben POV makes this fic stand out. The ending was a little heavy, but there’s an A+++++ kissing scene, which I value above all other things in fic.

I Can Be Bad by [livejournal.com profile] sweetiegrrl2346
"You really think I've never done anything bad? Ever?"

She smiles at him knowingly. "Come on, Ben. You're just like me. You've known since you were little that you wanted to end up in the White House, so you never did anything that would get you in trouble. The worst thing you've ever done was get too drunk that one night and accidentally touch Donna's boob."

Established relationship fic in which Leslie and Ben discuss Dexheart’s sleaziness and almost have sex on Jerry’s desk. Clearly this is a thing that needs to happen in canon.

I’ve recced these before, but in case you missed them candy sprinkles, twirly slides, and a side of optimism, please and psycho are pretty darn wonderful too. And on the off chance that someone hasn’t read The Art of Looking For Trouble yet, I’ll throw it in too. But, you’ve all read that one already, right? If not, you should probably examine your life choices. ;)


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