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I hope everyone had an awesome holiday yesterday. Mine…was a thing. More on that later, for now I want to talk about all of my fic presents which are amazing and deserve to be adored by the universe at large. First of all, I was totally spoiled at [community profile] yuletide this year with not one, but four awesome fics and ficlets. Then I also had lovely gift fics from my flist and from the crossover exchange and Lost HoHoHo. It's an embarrassment of riches, I kid you not.

Just Another Saturday Night (Ben & Tom, P&R)

“Dude, do you even live here?” he asked. “Or do you just rent this room to watch Game of Thrones?”

“Well, actually, the free HBO is the reason I picked this hotel instead of something closer - What are you even doing here?

Tom and Ben buddy fic with lovely, giggle-inducing dialogue and My Little Pony references. I could easily see every bit of this happening on the show, that’s how awesome this fic is.

A Little Awesome Life Planning (Ben & Tom, Ben/Leslie, P&R)

Tom spins around in his chair and opens up Farmville and Pimpville. Whatever, Ben can just be boring and non-depressed and Tom doesn’t have to care about it or worry for his well-being and lack of bro cred or anything.

Ben accidentally causes Tom to have a drunken existential crisis. Waffles ensue. It kills me how flawless Tom is in this. His voice is so dead-on it’s almost unreal. Plus, Leslie’s there! GUH, it’s wonderful. Go read it! :D

Vows (Schmidt/Gretchen, New Girl)

He ends up in the coat closet with Gretchen, a musty scarf tied tightly around his head, covering his eyes.

To be fair, she was wearing a dress this time, since it's summer.

Gretchen and Schmidt’s wedding hook-up greatest hits. Funny and sharp and so perfectly them I almost couldn’t deal with the awesome.

Seventh or Eighth Verse Same as the First (Henry/Casey, Party Down)

It wasn’t that he was rejected, or that he was terrible, it was that he wasn’t a match, or that they were idiots. Most of the time, it was that they were idiots, incredible, self-absorbed assholes. He felt comfortable now with that assumption.

Post-series, Henry indulges in a good luck ritual with Casey. Sweet, with just the right punch of realism that makes Henry/Casey and Party Down so much fun.

the record you used to play (Hurley & Sayid, Lost)

“Well, back in high school when one of my friends was really down because his dog died, we took him on a road trip. It was my mom’s idea. It’s like, the all-American cure for the blues.”

Sayid’s brow wrinkles in confusion. “But Charlie is English.”

“Yeah, and we’re on an island with no roads. So we gotta improvise. That’s why I’m thinking we should go on a camping trip.”

This is the Lost fic of dreams. It’s like a magnificent lost episode that fell behind Darlton’s (no, scratch that, this would definitely be a Kitsis & Horwitz ep, which is to say bittersweet and fun) desk. Camping, friendship, mythology—everything I love and so much more. I’ve already read it five times in three days.

all you have to do is call my name by [personal profile] dollsome(Schmidt/Cece, New Girl)

“Oh!” he says, jumping up and spilling a few drops of tea on some exposed thigh. “Gyahhhhh-that-burns! Uh. I mean. Lady Cecilia. Damn, girl. What up. You caught me. Hectic work week, you know. Rockin’ this weekend, Rebecca Black style! Partyin’, partyin’. Got my Tazo, got my ‘mono, got my Stars Hollow shenanigans. Ballin’.”

New Girl + Gilmore Girls x Cece/Schmidt adorableness = AMAZINGNESS.

Reach Out by [personal profile] norgbelulah (Tim/Raylan, Justified)

Tim’s hand comes around the back of Raylan’s neck before he even gets a glimpse of the boy out of the corner of his eye. He’s just there, a solid presence at Raylan’s back, then right next to him, looking fondly into his eyes and Raylan can barely think of why he would be touching him like that.

An AU where Tim is Raylan’s partner in Miami. In other words, my favorite universe of all the universes. This fic creates such a complete world and it’s so fully realized I never wanted it to end.

Surprise Visit by [profile] gottalovev (Miles/Bela, Lost/SPN)

What are you doing here," he asks, leaning against the doorway to his living room, arms crossed across his chest defensively. There's nothing in there that Bela hasn't stolen already, but it's the principle of things.

Sometimes I wish I could just hire [profile] gottalovev to write Miles/Bela for me full time.
She always paints such a vivid picture of the places where their lives could have intersected and she just gets both of the characters in a way that I envy. So perfect.

Crash Course in Interplanetary Diplomacy by [personal profile] shinealightonme (Abed, Troy, Annie, Claudia, and Myka, Community/Warehouse 13)

"A strange, unexplained light in the night sky...the next day, a stranger shows up with no identity, an individualistic cowboy attitude, no memory of her past – "

"No memory?"

"I'm extrapolating a little. But it's way too much convenient to be just a coincidence."

This fic…I don’t even know what to say. If these shows ever had a crossover episode, this would be the result right down to the spot-on dialogue and the inadvertent time travelling. I love every single thing about this story. Every. Single. Thing.
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