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Dear Yuletide Author,

Hi, there! Okay, so you got me and since I’m the fandom equivalent of the cat lady from The Simpsons, chances are you don’t know me unless you’re one of the lovely people on my flist. Don’t let that worry you. I’ll love whatever you write for me. I swear. I already love you for having such awesome taste in fandoms! I am ridiculously easy to please fic-wise, but I’m sure you’re thinking, “Gee, that’s nice, but not at all helpful.” So in an effort to be less vague I’m going to give you a general list of things I like and things that hit my squick button, then I’ll offer up some fandom specific ideas. But please don’t feel bound by my ideas. My fic writing philosophy is follow your muse and do what feels right for you. As I said above, I will love whatever you write for me and I absolutely mean that.

Stuff That Ozmissage Likes:

Banter. Oh, how I love banter. UST. Pining. Characters dancing around one another. Kissing. Forced to share a bed. Snarkiness. Domesticity. Friends who become something more. Awkward declarations of love. Friendship. Gen. Existential angstiness (which I think each of these fandoms has exemplified at one point or another especially in the cases of Henry, Sid/Peter, and Nick…also probably Mark too). Ladies. Scars/Tattoos, even though that’s probably not pertinent information. Nerdiness. Pop culture references. Humor. Romance. Wistfulness. Adam Scott.

Stuff That Ozmissage Doesn’t Like:

Noncon. Dubcon. Crackiness (genderswapping, mpreg, etc.). Kinky sex (sex is awesome, but I’m pretty vanilla, if you start including accessories and what not, I’m just going to turn red and have to bail). Character/Ship bashing, I multi-ship like a champ, so if you’re say, writing Leslie/Mark and bash Ben (light of my life), it’s just going to make me sad. Excessive angstiness (I like my angst tempered with a bit of humor). Complete AU scenarios (everyone's on a space ship!, etc.).

Now onto the fandoms…

Seven and a Match (Sid/Peter)

Having been enamored with the Peter/Sid pairing since I saw this movie, I will be happy with anything: a post-movie relationship fic, a pre-movie UST filled flashback to their college days or something in between. Whatever direction you decide to go in will no doubt make me deliriously happy.

First of all, congratulations on being an awesome human being who has actually seen this movie. It’s pretty great, right? If you can make Sid/Peter fic exist I will be beyond happy. It doesn’t matter to me whether you go with something set during the college era or if you write an introspective character piece about Sid struggling with his sexuality/feelings for Peter or if you jump right into the middle of an already established, semi-functional post-movie relationship. I love these boys. I love how exasperated they make each other. I love how freaked out Sid got when Peter had an asthma attack. I love their first kiss. I just genuinely loved everything about their relationship, so there’s no wrong direction to go in here. (Psst…if you’re looking for a refresher on the ship, there’s a compilation of their scenes on YouTube. )

New Girl (Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Gretchen)

There is nothing about this show that I'm not in love with, so go wherever the muse takes you. Schmoopy Jess/Nick fic? Good. Want to give Schmidt the opportunity to look down Nick's pants? Awesome. Gretchen and Schmidt's greatest wedding hook-up moments? Yes, please. Gen fic where everyone just hangs out on the coach for the afternoon? Sign me up. There are no wrong choices here.

This is the one fandom where the character limit broke my heart. There’s not a single character on this show that I don’t love, so by all means feel free to include/focus on Coach or Winston or Cece, if you offered them. Gen or ensemble/multi-ship fic would be amazing here because I love the group dynamics (and I ship everything-- Jess/Nick, Jess/Schmidt, Schmidt/Gretchen, Nick/Schmidt, Winston/Schmidt…OT4, seriously, everything, so go nuts). But if you want to write a fic focusing just on Gretchen (she was such an awesome character) or Jess or Nick or whoever, I’ll love that too. There’s just not enough New Girl fic in the world and that needs to be rectified.

Party Down (Henry)

Henry is my absolute favorite character on Party Down. Anything you want to do with him is fine by me. Pre-series fic, Henry/Casey, Henry/Uda or Henry and Ron being reluctant buddies would all be equally amazing.

As a character, I think Henry is pretty flawless. He is magnificently damaged and darkly funny, but also a truly decent guy. I’d love something set either pre-series or during the show. I like Henry most when he’s being all broody and sarcastic whilst tending bar. I also like the idea that he’s a little bit nerdy (remember that time he became obsessed with the grammar error on the porn tape?), but not in the entitled creepy way Roman is.

Feel free to combine him with anyone from the show; I love Casey, Ron, Kyle, Uda, and Lydia, in particular. Please no slash for this fandom though; I tend to only ship Henry with the ladies. A crossover here would also be welcome if you’re up for it (maybe Britta Perry crashes a Party Down event?), but it’s certainly not a must if crossovers aren’t your thing.

Parks & Rec (Mark, Ben, Leslie, Tom)

There are so many ways to go here.

Mark/Leslie was my original OTP for this show and so much about their relationship was left unresolved. Go back to the night they hooked up or show me some future where they get a second chance or talk about the possibility of a second chance or just eat waffles together. I just miss Brendanawicz's face a lot, okay?

Or show me one "wild" night out where Tom tries to get Ben out of his shell. Or maybe have Ben get Tom super into something nerdy (Game of Thrones! LOTR!). Or give me schmoopy established Ben/Leslie, or even Ben and Mark, my two favorite guys, meeting and having beers. Any combination of these characters you can come up with will make me happy.

Anything you come up with here will be perfect. To elaborate on my original prompt: I miss Mark. Bring him back to the Parks department. Let me know what he was up to while he was gone. If you pair him with Leslie I'll be ecstatic, but if that's not your thing, gen is awesome too. In fact, you could write a gen fic about Mark meeting Ben or reconnecting with Ann or one just about Leslie being her awesome self and that too would make super happy.

But if you're not into Mark, don't despair because I love Mr. Ben Wyatt just as much. I long for pre-series Ben fic. I also long for Ben & Tom buddy fic. And if you have your heart set on writing Ben/Leslie fic that totally works for me. My only request is that you make it something happy. Either pre-couple flirting or schmoopy domestic established relationship fic. Just show them chilling at home, or celebrating the holiday together. Let them be dorky and functional and I will love it. (And you.)

And if none of those things sound appealing to you, you can't go wrong with gen Leslie fic. Seriously, I know I just wrote roughly 500 words for this section alone, but as long as the fic you write stars one (or more) of the people I listed above I'll be ecstatic. And any other P&R character you love is welcome too. P&R is my happy place show, any fic is good fic.

That’s everything I think. Thank you so much for writing for me! I can’t wait to read your work. Have a great time and please don’t stress too much, okay? Happy Yuletide!


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