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"I can already tell you think I'm the dragon, that would be so like me, but I'm not. I'm not the dragon. I'm not the princess either. Who am I? I'm just a writer. I write things down."
---Richard Siken, "Litany in Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out"

*updated 7/31/11*

Lost Fic:


Different Theres and Elsewheres There is a world where Sawyer never jumps from the helicopter.
I Would Keep You, If I Could It begins as a low hum.
A Bird on a Wire It’s only been three days.
Here Is the Secret Nobody Knows He traces words across her back with the tips of his fingers…
A Steady Murmur Night's the hardest part.
Home Juliet’s always hungry after sex.
The New Sheriff Sawyer stands in front of his closet clad only in a white t-shirt and a pair of blue boxers.
Getting to Know All About You It’s been a month since the island left them stranded in Dharmaville…
We Can’t Go Back They met by accident.
We’re Never Going Home Until the Sun Says We’re Finished Three years, three decades, six months…it all flows together, it all adds up until its sum total begins to feel like forever.
Love Is the Provence of the Brave They call the cabin home base.
Hanging Up Your Walking Shoes He tells her he ain’t the kind of man that stays.
evidence of a love that transcends hunger When she was a little girl, Juliet believed in happily ever after in that beautiful, naïve way only a child can.
Half Awake in a Fake Empire From the very beginning the bed is their confessional.
Ever After (Happily) (Sawyer/Juliet/Jack) Sawyer jumps and there’s a beat, then right behind him a splash.
i guess this is a love story (Sawyer/Miles/Juliet) The bed was too small so they moved the party to the floor.


Find A Map and Draw a Straight Line (Juliet, Desmond) Sometimes we see the end at the beginning.
Part Two
Part Three *unfinished*

These Things Never Happened (Juliet, ensemble) He came to her when she was at her lowest point, her head bent by her sister’s bed, the smell of death already creeping into the room.
Five Ways Juliet Burke Gets a Better Ending There’s a moment right before she puts her foot on the first rung of the ladder and starts her climb down into the sub that she hesitates.
The Awakening (Juliet, Rachel) Juliet carefully carries Julian to his room.
it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird (Juliet, Ben) She didn’t always hate him.
it gets better (Juliet, Desmond) She catches Desmond watching her out of the corner of her eye.


A Conversation at the Witching Hour (Juliet, Miles) They were in Dharmaville for a month when Miles was forced to pull his first graveyard shift.
There’s Always a Duckie(Juliet/Miles) The oh-so welcoming Dharma folks cram them all into one house when they arrive so that they’re living on top of each other like they’ve been dropped right in the middle of some sort of twisted 1970s reality show.
You Must Remember This(Juliet/Miles) Miles has woken up beside a lot of women he didn’t remember going to sleep with.
The Magic Spot (Juliet/Miles) She’s got a spot. He finds this endlessly amusing.
close enough (Miles/Juliet) “I’m leaving.”
I’ll Be Bogie, You Be Raines (Miles, Hurley) Miles and Hurley sat next to each other on the flight back to Los Angeles.
The Weapon (Miles, Jacob, Esau) Jacob went about the process of choosing his army before any of them drew their first breath.
Miles in Wonderland Miles wakes up in the jungle face down in the grass.
It’s Déjà vu All Over Again Miles Straume lives in a small, messy apartment in Encino.
Hopes of High Talk With the Departed Dead (Miles, Richard) Miles watches as Richard draws a ring around them with ash.
Belonging (Richard/Miles/Jacob) Jacob and Richard walk the blood soaked sand of the beach…
whatever lets you sleep at night (Miles/Sawyer/Richard) This ain’t happening again, boys, Sawyer mumbles, but it’s an empty threat.
We Come Apart, We Stay Together (Miles/Richard) Miles forgets how this one began.
The First Day of the Rest of Our Life (Or How to Convince a Ghostbuster to Take Off His Pants) (Miles/Richard) “So, what are you going to do now?”
We Must Be Traveling on Now(Miles/Richard) Miles doesn’t take his full lunch hour these days.
Burying the Pieces of What We Call Home (Miles/Richard) Miles knows the minute he returns to Encino that he won’t be staying long…
it takes a village (Miles/Richard, ensemble) “You still alive in there, Enos?”
tell me we’ll never get used to it (Miles/Richard) In the beginning there is a newness to every experience, an air of novelty.
let’s pretend we’re young and stupid (Miles/Richard) It’s way too late in the day to still be lounging around in bed, but it’s also too late for Miles to really give a damn.
the monster at the end of this book (Miles/Richard) He dreams of bodies, voices screaming out to him their last words---hundreds of them now, all crammed inside his head.
tell me what you want (Miles/Richard) Their bed is too small.
risky business (Miles/Richard) Miles waits at the border.
Bar Lights and Headstones(Miles/Boone) It was around eleven when Boone arrived at the grungy, little dive bar.
A Knight in Shining Whatever (Miles/Daniel) He’s just so fucking sad, walking around hippie town like a ghost.


I’ll Slay All of Our Dragons, Win All of Our Wars (Jack/Claire/Sawyer) Sawyer teaches her how to shoot the gun.
a picture’s worth a thousand words (Jack/Claire/Sawyer) Claire buys the Polaroid camera at a flea market outside of Des Moines while the boys have their backs turned.
Ulterior Motives (Jack/Sawyer) Jack had the book wrapped in plain white paper.
keep the car running (Jack/Sawyer) The sign reads welcome to Alabama.
pray to god we won’t live to see the death of everything that’s wild (Jack/Sawyer) The island is five years behind them and the memory of it is just starting to fade, to blur at the edges.
Just Passing Through (Jack/Sawyer) The cabin still stands in the jungle.
Eden (Jack/Claire) The sky opens up with rain…
Shelter From the Storm (Jack/Claire) They’ve barely crossed the Louisiana state line...
the son and daughter of a lonely ghost (Jack/Claire) They drive long into the night, headlights cutting through the gloom, lighting the way for their latest great escape.
I can’t explain why it’s a sin, the state I’m living in (Jack/Claire) It doesn’t take long for the Oceanic Seven story to become a novelty item swallowed up by other headlines.
What is and What Should Never Be (Jack/Claire) Two months out and he’s still dreaming of flames.
Unfinished Business (Jack/Claire, Sawyer/Claire) “I don’t think it’s supposed to be like this. I think you were supposed to move on.”
be the water and i’m wading (Jack/Claire) “We should really buy a car, you know,” she says.
on the inside looking out (Jack/Claire) She traces the ragged scar on his side, leans in close to examine the stars etched into the skin of his arm, runs her tongue over the characters she doesn’t understand---“What does this mean?”


Two Dreamers at the End of the World (Daniel/Charlotte) When he opens his eyes she is kneeling beside him on the damp grass of the jungle…
Sleeping Arrangements(Daniel/Charlotte) Charlotte shivers and pulls her arms tight across her chest.
The Pumpkin Picking Paradox (Daniel/Charlotte) The morning was unusually crisp for the island…
we are all going forward; none of us are going back (Dan/Charlotte) She comes to think of the island as a phantom memory, something lurking in her subconscious, a ghost she knows she ought to stop chasing.
time enough at last (Daniel/Charlotte) The accumulation of parts begins slowly.
somewhere to rest your weary head (Dan/Charlotte/Miles) The flash comes and Dan pulls Charlotte to his chest, whispers stay with me over and over, all the while clinging to the fact that he can still feel her breath, shallow but steady, against his neck.


every story has its chapter in the desert (ensemble) “So that was interesting.”
we set the flames free (ensemble) The room is lit too harshly, three hours chained to this desk and her eyes are starting to burn.
She Held Infinity in the Palm of Her Hand (Charlotte) Charlotte’s first memory was of sand.
winner takes all (Charlotte/Frank) The cards are dealt.
A Sign of the Times (Jack) Jack leaves the hospital early the day John Locke shows up in his ER.
16 Reasons to Love Jack Shephard (Jack, ensemble) The day he got his very first black eye, he walked into his father’s office having resigned himself to a lecture.
It’s Okay to Have Scars (They Will Make You Who You Are) (Jack/Kate) The first time Jack saw Kate he was bleeding.
Only Fools Are Enslaved by Time and Space (Jack/Kate) Two skeletons lie side by side in a cave.
family portrait (Jack/Kate) The ring twists on her finger, half a size too big.
Regrets? I’ve Got a Few (Jack/Juliet) I’m sorry, he mutters against her neck…
Of Things Past and Yet to Come (Jack/Juliet) Things are beginning to split, to come apart.
After Life (Ana/Jack/Juliet) He finds them on the shore staring out at the crashing waves…
Out of the Ashes We Might Be Reborn (Jack/Sun) Somewhere in the waking they lost some essential bit of themselves…
One’s Got Class and the Other Dyes (Claire/Juliet) She hasn’t dyed her hair since her mother’s accident.
Let it Rain (Claire/Juliet) It never rains here.
His Sister’s Keeper (Boone/Shannon) The club is hot and overcrowded, the music thrumming so loudly that Boone can feel it in his temples.
Sweet Dreams (Jack/Boone) Boone traces the outline of red stars with his tongue and smiles.
I’ve Always Had a Thing for Music Men (Jack/Boone) Boone bought a guitar once.
The Quiet Man (Ana, Eko) The jungle is alive at night, humming with sounds.
Four Women Sayid Never Fell For (Sayid, multiple pairings) Sayid finds Juliet sitting on the dock.
Claimed (Sayid/Kate) Sayid carries Kate’s lifeless body into The Temple.
It is Always Nice to See Old Friends (Sayid/Sun) It has been a long night.
Sometimes We Get a Second Chance (Sayid/Shannon) He wakes up with a gasp…
Some Things Can Be Fixed (Sayid/Shannon) Shannon stopped dancing for good the day she let a married man run his hand up her thigh.
Trick or Treat (Kate/Sawyer) It was nearly sundown when Kate set out for the hatch with a pack slung over one shoulder.
we’re hung from the same twisted rope (Sawyer/Kate) Three weeks back and he’s already itching to move, to run.
It Only Ends Once (And it Hasn’t Ended Yet) (Ben, Esau) Ben makes his way to his old friend’s apartment complex all the while trying to fight the growing sense of dread gnawing at his gut.
The World Was All Before Them (The Fall Remix) (Esau/Jacob) He was a god once.
We Will Be Our Own Myth (Esau/Jacob) If their corner of the world is smaller than everyone else’s, they don’t notice.
i’m always in this twilight (Esau/Jacob) There is a clearing in the jungle, lush and verdant.
infinite (Richard) He dies. Once, twice, three times in a century.
There Are Some Things We Can’t Outrun (Richard/Alex) She’s sixteen and she’s never seen anything beyond this island.
by the time we met the times had already changed (Richard/Juliet) They’re walking through the jungle when Miles stops suddenly, presses his balled fist to his forehead and lets out a shaky breath.
the damned things (Richard/Juliet) The ground beneath her feet begins to quake and the air is charged, almost electric.
Every Wonderful One (Desmond) Desmond was fifteen the first time he picked up a Dickens novel.
Seasick (Charlie H./Aaron) It’s a gray and miserable morning to be seasick, but Charlie has little choice in the matter.
Gestures (Charlie/Claire) It’s a small gesture.
(Not Quite) On the Cover of the Rolling Stone (Charlie, Liam) “We did it Baby Brother!”
And Then a Vision (Charlie) He wanted to be a rock star so that’s the life he imagined for himself.
For They Shall See God (Cindy) The Temple is full of echoes at night, the sound of water dripping and churning is inescapable.
Dog Days Are Over (Cindy/Lennon) Lennon takes her to the spring on hot, summer nights.
lies falling like petals (Sun/Jin) Sun watches the blood disappear down the drain, vanishing from sight, leaving nothing but a faint pink stain on the porcelain sink.

Being Human

there are no haunted places (ensemble) The news begins as a whisper at first before growing to a rumble that spreads across towns and countries and continents, crossing oceans and state lines until it becomes a roar, a rallying cry: John Mitchell is dead.
Early Morning Ritual (George/Mitchell) Mitchell gets to the hospital well before the sun comes up.
Cursed (George/Mitchell) He remembers waking up.
there is just one map you’ll need (George/Mitchell) He hears the girl’s heartbeat from across the room.
And Now It’s Light (George/Mitchell) The first time Mitchell sees the marks he flinches.
open my heart and let it bleed onto yours (George/Mitchell) The bars of the cage bite into Mitchell’s back and he catches the cold, metallic smell of his own blood in the air.
the bite that binds; the gift that gives (George/Mitchell, George/Nina)Bristol falls in a matter of days.
two boys in a backseat (George/Mitchell) There was a time when they were in between places.
intervention (George/Mitchell) George isn’t good at this.
Damon Salvatore Never Has These Problems (George/Annie) “So you told her, I was your girlfriend?”
Perspective (Annie/George/Mitchell) Sometimes when she’s feeling sulky, she makes a list of the things she misses the most.
The Dangers (And Benefits) of Smoking in Bed (George/Annie/Mitchell) The silence between them is broken by the sudden click of Mitchell’s cigarette lighter.
we couldn’t bring the columns down (George/Lia) He leaves. After.
sinners in the hands of an angry god (Mitchell/Lucy) He tastes like a man.
this life will be forgotten (Ivan/Daisy) She lets him pull her along through the rubble, cold hand in cold hand.


Normal Little Boys (John, wee!Sam & Dean)Sometimes (a lot of the time) he feels guilty for keeping them on the move so much.
Five Things That Never Happened to Sam (ensemble) Dean comes calling, another family crisis, another monster to fight.
an argument in defense of the necessity of a soul (Sam) His back pressed against the cool leather of the Impala, the road singing lullabies to the rhythm of Dean’s snores, Sam Winchester dreams himself a better life as his father drives him toward another motel, another monster, another death.
i must become the lion-hearted girl (Cassie) The world is ending and then it isn’t.
Nostalgia is It’s Own Disease (Dean/Cassie) The heady smell of gasoline reminds Cassie of him…
There’s a Time and a Place (Dean/Cassie) She can feel Dean’s hand sliding up her sundress...
This is How You Start a Revolution (Dean/Castiel) Castiel has taken to watching Dean sleep.
Never Follow a Merman to a Second Location (Dean/Castiel) Dean follows Castiel down the beach without question, the last bittersweet note of the song still echoing in his head.
There’s Nothing Like a Man in a Trenchcoat (Dean/Castiel)“You’re staring, Dean. Again.”
i believe (Dean/Castiel) This is a story about a ghost.
keep on dreaming until we make it to the magic kingdom (Dean/Jo) She flips the knife in her hand, once, twice, three times before he looks up, eyebrows knitted together in irritation.
we were always going to end up here (Dean/Jo) They share a too small bed on a too long night.
whiskey and kisses for everyone (Sam/Jo/Dean) She’s a pit stop. They’re twin roadside attractions.

The Vampire Diaries

i know my call (Alaric, Alaric/Isobel, Alaric/Jenna) He drives south, stops only to piss and sleep and buy stale sandwiches from questionable truck stops.
cool kids belong together (Alaric/Damon) Twelve. That’s the number of times Damon has touched Alaric in the past twenty minutes.
there’s not a god that can save you from the mess (Damon/Alaric) Sleep won’t come.
wish you were here (Alaric/Damon) The smell of whiskey reminds him of Damon.
Blood Brothers (Alaric/Damon, Stefan/Damon) They follow the trail of bodies from the foothills of Kentucky north to New York City and then across the ocean to sleepy English hamlets and the actual, fucking moors of Scotland.
an act of faith against the night (Stefan/Caroline) Stefan had hoped he would never live to see this day.
another year older (Stefan/Caroline/Tyler) Tyler is thirty-five.
it seems all my bridges have been burned (Stefan/Caroline/Tyler) He comes home to find the world has exploded in his absence---or at least his corner of it has.
my heart was never pure (Damon/Elena) This is not how she imagined it.


The Unfortunate Absence of Murder on the Orient-Express John, Sherlock John picks up the brochures on a whim.
two atoms in a molecule John/Sherlock Sherlock’s thumb fits neatly into the puckered crevice of John’s bullet wound.

Mad Men

I’ll Follow the Sun (Peggy/Don/Pete) It’s New Year’s Eve and the employees of the newly formed Sterling Cooper Draper & Pryce are crammed into their “office” raising their glasses to a fresh start.
To Be a Man (Pete/Peggy) When he was a boy, Pete’s father began grooming him to be a man.
i won’t march again on your battlefield (Pete/Peggy) She hates that the world is proving the tin hat wearing crazies right.


An Imaginary Werewolf in the Dollhouse (Dominic, Dominic/Adelle) If there’s an upside to working for the Dollhouse it’s that the mornings are usually quiet.
Can’t Stop a Caged Bird From Singing (Adelle) Adelle can’t help but admire Caroline, even as she recognizes her naivety.
Lunch Break (Mag/Zone) Mag and Zone have been moving for two weeks straight and they’re just barely outside the city limits.
The Last Safe Place (Adelle/Topher) “Are you coming?”
I’ll Be a Real Girl Someday (Echo) At night when she slips into the pod she dreams herself.

Other Fandoms

Half a Glass of Trouble (Terriers) Britt, Hank; Britt/Katie The cuffs bite into Britt’s already raw wrists as he braces his foot against the nearest wall and throws his full weight into pulling against the pipe that stubbornly holds firm to the radiator.
Sun, Sand, and Sneezing (Mostly Just the Sneezing) (Miranda) Miranda/Gary Miranda’s tropical fruit friends are turning out to be very rude indeed.
Endings (Harry Potter) Remus/Sirius, Teddy Sirius never completely moves in.
summer disappears like a dream i had (Game of Thrones) Jon/Robb Winter is here.
it’s the same thing, right or wrong (The Killing) Linden/Holder Somehow their clothes find their way out of suitcases and back into drawers.
The Scarecrows (Doctor Who) Donna/Lee There are scarecrows on the hill behind the house…
meet me at the gates of laughter (come meet me) (Doctor Who) The Doctor/River Song She won’t always have the upper hand; she won’t always get there first.
Holding On, Letting Go (Torchwood) Jack/Ianto Ianto told Jack he would forget him.
Expendable (V) Dale/Erica “And the woman, Erica, have you made any progress with her?”
Still Flying (Firefly) Mal, ensemble Mal knows he ought to have found a new pilot by now.
First You Grieve, Then You Get Over It (Flashforward) Demetri The day after the flash Demetri is asked approximately nine hundred times what he saw.
In the Company of Dark Things (Fringe) Walter The only remnants of Halloween left are the candy wrappers strewn around the living room…
you oughta know…we’ll be okay (Community) Jeff/Britta Britta gets in her car and drives south.
couldn’t quit you if i tried (Community) Jeff/Annie Every time he says this can’t happen again, he believes it.
for you i forget about my tainted heart (Dexter) Debra/Quinn There’s a storm brewing; the heat’s been rising all day, leaving an endless shit storm of murders and bar fights and lunatics practically howling at the fucking moon in its wake.



there must be some kind of way out of here (ensemble) There’s a bar in heaven.
Drinking Buddies (Or Something Like That) (Lost/SPN) Frank, John The phone rings just once that morning.
We Feel Fine (Lost/SPN) Sam/Jack “I think I ended the world,” Jack mutters one night to Sam’s back.
things don’t die, just fade (Sam/Miles) They come to a crossroads and Miles holds his breath like they’re passing a cemetery.
Orpheus & Eurydice (Sam/Juliet) “I saved the world.”
There Is No Iteration in Which She Doesn’t Lose (Lost/SPN) Juliet/Mary There was nothing for a very long time, no light, no dark...there was just her and she was at rest and it was good.
kiss it and make it better (Dean/Claire)


The Ghost and Mr. Straume (Lost/BH) Miles/Annie “There’s no such thing as ghosts.”
There’s No Shame in Pulling a Mosby (HIMYM/BH) Annie/Mitchell, Marshall/Lily “Annie, what is wrong with you?”
Turn Your Scars Into Stars (DW/Lost) Sawyer, Donna, Ten The cell phone in James’s pocket rings for the third time and he ignores it as usual...
Meet Your New Partner (Fringe/Lost) Charlie Francis/Juliet Burke He knows everything about his new partner before he ever lays eyes on her.
Dingos Ate My Driveshaft (Lost/BTVS) Charlie/Oz “So what do you think?”
take a sad song and make it better (Lost/BTVS) Charlie/Oz Attempt number one is a complete failure.
Dean Winchester’s Five Golden Rules for Dating The Slayer (Dean/Buffy) If anyone besides his tiny, bubbly, blonde date had just used a trashcan lid to slice off a vampire’s head, Dean would have been impressed.

Lost Drabbles:

one foot in sea, one on shore (S/J)
blame it on a simple twist of fate (S/J)
all I’ve got now are souvenirs and a list of things I never said (S/J)
some tries are fated not to be (S/J)
I ain’t the man I used to be (S/J)
we must not look at goblin men (S/J)
Two Ships Passing in the Night (S/J)
The Weight of Words (S/J)
Dare (S/J)
The Perks of Baking (S/J)
Brand (Juliet)
Curriculum (Juliet)
What Goes Around (Sawyer)
I can’t take no more regret (S/K)
Never Held a Gun (Kate)
He’s His Father’s Son (Miles)
Too Damn Pretty to Die (Miles)
All in a Day’s Work (Miles)
we laugh and we’ve got nothing left to lose (Richard, Miles)
That Most Time-Honored Form of Distraction (Miles/Richard)
stick by me and i’ll stick by you (Miles/Richard)
The Jig’s Up (Miles/Ana)
Scratching an Itch (Miles/Juliet)
Skirt (Miles/Shannon)
Everything Can Be Undone (Daniel)
we were always falling (Daniel, Eloise)
we end (always) (Richard/Eloise)
Watch Me Burn (Charlie)
words too small for any hope or promise (Charlie)
Abbot always finds Costello in the end (Charlie, Hurley)
The Guitar Case (Hurley)
Passport (Claire)
the dying of the light (Jack)
here is the tabernacle reconstructed (Jack/Claire)
beneath the moon, tonight we’re the sea (Sawyer/Claire)
These Sins Will Swallow You Whole (Sayid)
We Should All Be So Lucky (Sayid/Nadia)
He Was Blind But Now He Can See (Locke)
Inertia (Jacob/Esau)
Eyesight (Richard)

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From: [identity profile] we-will-be-gods.livejournal.com
Wow, that's some fic-list! I've read some and look forward to reading more now that I've renounced lurking. If you're a Sawyer/Juliet shipper than you're a girl after my own heart. Watn to be friends?

Date: 11/5/10 03:26 pm (UTC)
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Sure! I love Sawyer/Juliet...and Juliet/Anyone really. :)


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